Starting in just under 6 hours is a month of insane writing. This is the 2nd year in a row that I decided to give National Novel Writing Month a try. The goal is to write 50,000 words or 1667 words per day for November. Last year I reached 30,000 and puttered out. This year I’m determined to see it all the way to the end. The novel I’m writing is science fiction about Atlantis but not “in” Atlantis. This is what I tried last year. However, this time around I have it mapped out.

I have to get the book done – as well as the OBE sex book. Why are they so important? Ever have something that you KNOW without a DOUBT that you had to do? That’s what I call Destiny Markers. They need to be done in order for you to grow, and move onto the next level. Will anyone ever buy either one after I have them listed on Amazon? Don’t know. But at least I will be satisfied that they are done!

Now in order to do this, I have to scale back on the blog writing. I know – I can hear you – but you’re not writing as it is Allie! Yeah, last week and this week I got thrown off course again trying to keep my cat alive. Then I had to put her down and frankly it’s been tough wanting to do anything as I heal. But heal I will.

So either I’ll cut back even more in the blog for the month of November, or it will spur me to write here more. Dunno. But never you fear as Amore with Allie and Allie Theiss Show will still be happening!

The Advanced Magic class(casting magic on the astral plane — how cool is that?) – still happening!

Dream Sex webinar – still happening!

My son Kyle has started his own business called Bee-Natural. To start it’s beeswax candles. He’s working towards saving money for video game camp. Currently, he has votive candles in 3 styles. Beeswax is great to use in magic! Take a look at his candles.

Now Bill. I had a wonderful dream visit with him last Friday. I talked about it on tuesday’s Allie Theiss Show, but in case you’re not listening to it, here’s what happened in a nutshell:

He asked me out.

Yes, that’s what I said.

Now why would this be important if it was a dream he asked me in and not our physical reality?

Glad you asked.

Since my earliest memories of him up until 2005 our dream visits were always fun filled with laughter, creative activities and a lot of talking. Then I finally met him in person and confronted him about our past (and no, he didn’t appear to believe me). From that moment on, every dream visit we were on two different sides of the room – always in a crowd. For a couple of years we didn’t talk. Then a nod hi. Then a few words. Up to last year him finally “getting it” – which led to more talking and interaction. To this – him asking me out.

I know it is not a real in this reality “out” – but it was fabo just the same. I was so shocked when he asked me that I woke myself up.

Onward and upward!

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