I find myself in a dilemma. Remember the fireman? Well he’s still around (out lasted Mr. Client Guy – who, BTW I talked to this morning) and we’ve chatted sporadically over the last several months. I’ve kept up every wall I have – trying not to actually like the guy – or should I say want to know more so that I could have a chance to like him. But I find the more I chat with him, the lower the walls are getting. And even though his political views are not on the same field as mine – just about everything else is – well, except for our ages – I am older by 8 years. Doesn’t seem to bother him. I’m not sure I’m ready to let down the walls. But if I don’t, I could be missing out on a great guy – a guy with no baggage – no ex wives, no children, no psycho exes (as far as I know). But — what if I do and then things go through with me script wise and I move? I’m doing exactly what I tell my clients not to do “What if” myself to death. Damn I hate when I don’t listen to my own good advice. So I have here a seemingly good guy who has a sense of humor, can cook, like animals & kids, likes the X-Files and Star Wars – plus realizes that George Lucas couldn’t write his way out of a paper bag without a co-writer. Oh, and he’s fully aware on what I do for a living.

I know I’m over thinking everything. Hummm…sounds familiar doesn’t it? No wonder I don’t have a love life – lol. But he lives about 30 min away – so we’ll see if we actually get to that 1st date that we’re trying to arrange.

I’m behind in all my email. This last week was very hectic and busy – busy. Next week I’m off to New Orleans on Friday – remember I’ll be at Maria’s Psychic Fair! Wednesday I’ll be in Cleveland most of the day with my son at a pediatric psychiatrist. His empathy gifts aside – he has some issues that need to be taken care of that he needs someone who specializes in children – and of course there is no one in Wooster that’s affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic that does that. No results of the brain EEG yet. So basically I have to fit in a weeks worth of work in two days. HA – that’s funny.

I’m rewriting DREAMERS for the last time. I want to get this done – so the blog posting will again be down – unless something major happens. No word from Nickelodeon.

When was the last time you checked out my Gypsy News section for Gypsy (Roma) news, environmental – animal – gov’t alerts? I have something there that’s important about Horse Slaughter that you should take action on.

I emailed Tracey yesterday to watch out — Bill visited me in my dreams and then was around all morning. She said she woke up with a full-blown headache. The guy was full of piss and vinegar and appeared to have wanted to null & void the agreement he and Will made. This is what happened:

In the dream visit, Bill was so excited that he finally “got” everything. We’re in what looked like a personal library. Plenty of books, round table w/ 2 chairs and a desk. He and I have been here before. He finally understood – his logical mind clicked in place with his intuitive side. He was like a kid in a candy store – so excited to the world that finally made sense to him. We were comparing notes on what we have experienced thus far. He wanted so much to be able to remember everything that I can remember. I told him to give himself 10 min increments. Set an alarm clock and once it goes off, write down everything he remembers. As time goes on – increase the amount of time before the alarm goes off. Before he knows it, he won’t need the alarm at all.

He liked that idea. People were coming in and out of the room, they were around outside – milling about. Bill kept rubbing my shoulder & my upper back as we talked. Like he had to keep touching me. I commented that if he keeps doing that – then people will think we have something going and/or they will know that we know one another and that he’s “Bill”. He ignored what I said and kept going over the notes. He kept leaning in closer and closer to me until….(see OBE Sex blog).

…When I woke up I could still feel his energy around me. He kept pulling me in telepathically – they were snippets of telepathic connections. He went on about Will has not done anything despite the agreement. He’s not waiting any more. Will out of the equation. I’m trying to calm this flurry of “whatever” down – saying give Will a chance – you’ve known about the connection for over 4 years, he just got it under 2 years ago and still hasn’t come to grips with it. That he finally “got” what I see, it’ll take Will awhile to catch up. He’s going on there is no more time – times up – Ted needs us now. He’s falling into the abyss. Ted’s at a point where he’s heading for death row — and Bill just kept going on. I told him – if Ted needs us that bad – pick up the &^%$# phone and call me. You and I can help Ted without Will. I asked, what about bring in George – he’s already up to speed and I don’t think he needs a push. Bill went on – he’s not part of our core — I’m like are sure? He’s like – don’t question what I say. I’m like – wait there babe – I’ll question whatever the hell I want to. You don’t want George here because he’ll slam your ass up against the wall, he won’t take your over-thinking self and put up with it. He’ll stand up to you and you’re afraid — your afraid he’ll win. This isn’t a contest of wining -put your ego aside for just a second. For a man who loves to help people, you sure are brutal on the souls closest to you.

I’m done for now – you let me know when we should go see Ted.

And I broke the connection. Bill’s right here though – has been all day. I know he wants to continue the convo – I’m sure we will tonight.


Merlin was right when he said he’d be with me every night in the dreamscape. The dream time has been so chalked full of flying, putting things together – creating spells/potions and studying. I can’t remember all of the details – Merlin tells me that my subconscious will slowly leak knowledge to my waking mind on an as needed basis. No reason – he said – to fry my circuits. That was nice of him:)

Off to grab a bowl of ice cream and then get back to DREAMERS:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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