Bill. This man. Double super SIGH. Okay, so I’ve mentioned before that he is in my dreams every night. Now we don’t always interact in the dreams. Most times one of us is in the background of the other’s dream. I know – strange huh? But when we do interact, the dream stands out vividly. The other night my dream took me to my next door neighbor Bob’s house. Now Bob in reality has a very big tutor house that he lives in all by himself. In the dream somehow our houses were connected. All we had to do was slide a door over and we could wall to and from the houses (like connecting rooms in a hotel).

Bob’s house was under construction. He was cutting the ties with my house and making us have two separate structures with a driveway in between (how it actually is).

So I’m in his house looking up at this massive staircase in the center of his entry foyer. I look over to my right and there’s Bill. He’s in a t-shirt, jeans with a tool belt. I remember thinking to myself — should I talk to him? If I do, should I act like I know him or act like a stranger? I decided on being friendly with him — I figured hell, he’s in my dream.

I asked how he’s been. He tells me that he’s been stressed. That’s why he’s here – to help out and hopefully burn off some of the stress he’s carrying inside. We talked about what a nice house Bob has – Bill comments that someday he’d like to buy it. I say – of course – that means you’d live next door to me. He smiles and replies – I know.

The house is crawling with construction workers. I asked Bill if I could show him a wall that needs fixed. Next thing I know we’re in my staircase and I’m showing him where the floor the closet (which is the closet in my office) has buckled out the wall. He agrees this is a problem (in real life this is a problem). He wants to see my closet.

As we go into my office I think to myself – Oh God, those two portraits of Bill and Ted are up, I wonder if he’ll see them? Sure enough – he glances over by my desk and spies the pictures of him and Ted. He walks over and say – OMG – you’re the one who had these drawn? And I say yes – did you like them? He said that he loved his. (note: in real life I did have 2 spirit portraits drawn of Bill and Ted – and sent to them. No copies are in my office).

I ask — when are you going to get off your ass and honor our soul agreement? He replies – I don’t know if I can. Bull shit – I say – you can do anything you want to. You’re just a chicken shit like Will. Unbelievable – two men who really do not like one another in this life yet you two are both too scared of the possibilities. For the record – I think you’re both a pain in the butt and I wouldn’t want to be involved with either of you. But I do think that we could do a lot more good for the world together than separate.

What does he say to that? You belong to Vincent in this life. The look I gave him made him take a step back (must of been the evil PMS I’m gonna whip your ass look) and I yell – I belong to no one, I don’t care what life I’m in.

Then I made myself wake up. Why oh why does he drive me insane? After I had this dream, I contacted a psychic I didn’t know – never met – but came highly recommended and asked him if Bill is ever going to live up to our soul agreement. I’ll let you know what he says. Because quite honestly I’m curious — if you make a soul agreement with someone, can you use free will to brake that agreement? Or does it happen no matter what? I think I will talk about soul agreements in Monday’s podcast.

I found a cool way to force myself to concentrate: when you’re feeling rather spacey or scattered, take a nice white ball of light, have it enter your head via your third eye. Let the ball of light bounce around inside your head for a spell. It’s more important to feel the ball of light moving about than to “see” it. When you feel more “crystal clear” have the ball exit your back – third eye chakra (aka back of your head).

The dream I had last night also incorporated astral travel. It was a whacked out experience. In my dream I hurt my leg. Well I should say that my leg was hurt so bad that I was being rushed into surgery in order to save it from being cut off. I was crying hard as they wheeled me into the OR. They wanted to give me drugs to put me to sleep so that they could operate. I told the nurse that if I fall asleep my soul is going to get lost. She thought I was silly and proceeded to put me under.

I felt my astral body pop out of my physical body. Off to the right I saw a light and went towards it. This was not the light of heaven, but a light to another dimension. As I was moving to the light – I looked over and saw my son and my mom & sisters waiting out in the waiting room. My son all of a sudden jumps up and tells me to come back.

I’m in the light and come out in Atlantis. It is so peaceful. I walk around talking to people. I asked where is Bill and Ted – they say they are not here, but Will is looking for me. I go off towards a temple and find Will on the steps. I ask him what he’s doing here. He replies that he was waiting for me. I ask if he was hurt too? He says no.

In the background I can hear faint voices from the hospital. Something about me not waking up. Will tells me it’s time to go back. I tell him no – I like it here. He says – in time. Now go home. I say no.

The next thing I know I’m off in some sort of white haze. I’m telling anyone who will listen that I’ve lost my way. I can’t find my way back to my body. They keep telling me to think of my body and I’ll go back. I keep trying and it’s not working. I begin to panic.

In the background I hear my alarm go off. Next thing I know I’m falling, I slam back into my body and I turn off my alarm. I laid in bed for awhile trying to make sense of it all – and I couldn’t.

For the next week I’m on spring break (YAY ME). During this time I’m going to start to tackle my gobs of email. And wow – do I mean gobs. I’ll eventually get back to all of you – be patient:)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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