Bill, Dave , My Son And Scary Dream Visits!

Bill, Dave , My Son And Scary Dream Visits!

Last night I took the Herki’s to bed again. It was a hell of a night. Today has been busy which is why it has taken me this long to write about my dream time. As I fell asleep I asked to be taken to Bill. I had a sense that he and I needed to talk. But my friend Dave (who is deceased) shows up and says no – we need to talk first, come with me. I argue with him for a spell and ask after we’re done if he will take me to Bill. He agrees. I remember feeling myself lift out of my body (it’s such a cool feeling) as I took hold of Dave’s hand. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what was said.

At one point I can remember being with Bill. We were running from a group of people -they wanted us in order to take our gifts. We were attacked and I thought of a white ball of light. Bill conjured one up in his hand and threw it in the air. With my thoughts I winged it over to a group of baddies and they were gone. Telepathically Bill and I agree that we have to split up. I tell him I can tell my son is in trouble and I have to go. He tells me to be careful and I rush off.

I’m in a room – locked in with a group of people. I know my son is running around here, but I cannot see him. People keep coming up to me and I avoid everyone. A man stands next to me and rubs his hands together very fast to make them hot. I know that he is going to put his hands on me and pull out my gifts of psychic foresight, healing and telepathy. As his hands come towards me, I dodge him and grab the back of his neck – slam him down and say that I know what he’s up to and he will not get my gifts. I can “hear” in my mind someone communicating that I cannot hide forever – that it would be easier to give up my gifts. I reply – no way.

My son and I are now running from these people. In my hands I have two magical stones, one is spelled with an Hess — something. But these guys want the stones. I mentally tell one to throw a protective white light around us and then the other stone to make me and my son invisible. I then tell it to make my son and I fly. I run to him, grab him and jump — we’re flying.

Next thing I know I’m slamming back to my body as my son crawls into my bed. I ask him what’s wrong and he says he had a bad dream. About what I ask? Men were chasing us and we were trying to fly away.

We discussed the dream visit and what the men wanted. He said that he saw Bill there and that Bill was distracting the bad guys as we flew away. That is so Bill.

What keeps coming back to my mind is my friend Dave telling me to be careful a few days ago — and then his need for us to visit before I went to see Bill. Maybe he placed the magical stones on my person before I ran into the bad guys. I wish I knew who they were consciously. But intuitively I know that I’ve known them since the start of time – from when I was a Star Princess with the portal, Lemuria and then Atlantis.

I had forgotten about the magical stones for most of the day — and then it dawned on me to see if I could find them in my stone book. I was flipping through the “H” and landed on Heliodor. My lights flickered. So I read the description – it is a protective stone and can beam a white/golden light around persons/objects, which can also be used for purification during the flu/cold season. I kept flipping through and landed on — Hessonite. Again my lights flickered. This stone helps to carry one to the locations of the astral realm where one wishes to travel, advancing the meditative state and bringing one to the circumstances and to situations desired.

I asked my guides if I am to make a three stone pendant out of the Heliodor, Hessonite and Herkimer. My phone rang once — I’ll take that as a yes. I found some Hessonite today on eBay, I have the Herk – now all I need to do is find some Heliodor!

We went trick or treating tonight. The kid’s loaded. And of course the hubby overbought on purpose so we’d have some left. There’ll be too much sugar in this house until the start of the year (meaning the Halloween candy + Christmas).

I’m tired and I think I’ll call it a night!

Sweet dreams!
Allie 🙂

PS: I am about a month behind on emails – I know, pathetic! So if you had emailed me and are waiting for a reply, please be patient.

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