Okay, so you read yesterday’s entry right? The one where Bill said that we had to break our connection until Will and I physically met? Well guess who showed up last night astrally? And today? Yep — Bill. Right out of the corner of my eye — there he is. He did it twice last night and at last count about four times today. But wait — that isn’t the kicker — he was in all my dreams last night. Yep – every last one of them. Always at the outskirts of the dream – but I could see him.

Then the last dream visit of the night, there he is – front and center. I ask him – I thought we weren’t supposed to have contact? He tells me that he can’t help it. My reply – some people are not going to happy. What was his reply — we’re human right? They have to take that into account.

So there we are, in felt like we were in my grandparent’s old house – but where ever we were was supposed to be my house. Because he showed up on my front door step. We got along without a glitch. It was wonderful. Laughing – carrying on. There was one part where I’m on the couch speaking to an elderly lady (about what I don’t know) and he is lying on something behind the couch. Without him telling me, I know his left foot hurts. So I grab it and massage it while I am talking to this woman. I have to gently squeeze his foot as the first time I squeezed too hard and I heard him wince. So I’m rubbing his socked foot (which I found odd he had socks on as the guy in real life is always running around barefoot) and after a spell his calf and then his knee. No further than that. But I kept rubbing up and down his calf and lower foot. The older woman has to go somewhere (I could hear a name called) and says good luck. I lean over the couch and ask if he’s feeling better and he says yes.

We are then on a different couch talking about who knows what – when my neighbors go strolling through my house. I stop them and introduce them both to Bill. Melissa chats it up a bit with Bill and then leaves. Before I know it – my whole family is there and I’m introducing him to everyone. I know that soon my husband will be home and I ask him if he wants to stay or leave. He decides to stay. Next thing I remember is my husband sitting beside Bill on the couch. I say – Hi Honey. And he says nothing. My husband looks at me and asks if I’m talking to him or Bill (and man was his tone sarcastic) – I said – I’m talking to you — husband. There was some sarcastic crap flying about — Bill got a few words in.

Next thing I know Bill is lying on a bed (fully clothed mind you) and I am I the bathroom next to it with the hubby as he’s bitching that he will not have Bill in his house. I asked him if he knows how to be anything but an ass hole? No response. Then he jumped in again and I said — quit being an ass.

Now Bill is still up at the edge of his bed — and I sit down on something across from him. He looks at me and grabs his head and asks — what do you hear? Do you hear them call Sara? Do you see something? What happens?

I asked why would I hear the name Sara? He says — because when I was Phillip – you were Sara (look back at the beginning of this blog for more about Phillip). I was shocked about that and just said –oh. Then I smile at him and say — I have so much to tell you about – we have so much ground that we need to cover. He shakes his head and says – I know. I have over 400 pages of notes in my computer. He takes out a pen and paper. I can email them all to you if you give me your address. Silence. Then I jump back in – of course you probably don’t want to give me your email address. He scrunches up his face — and I can tell that he really doesn’t. So I go on — I won’t give it to anyone else – I promise I won’t. I’ll never email you except to forward you my notes. Please — I promise.

Then I woke up. And guess whose astral body was right next to my bed? Yep – Bill.

I just kept thinking that I had so much to tell him. This was the 1st time he has wanted to talk about our past connection – to discuss and explore. To share notes. When I was fully awake I was aggravated that I couldn’t tell him something — anything for him to know that what he is experiencing is real and he’s not crazy.

Quite frankly I don’t know what to think about any of this. Bill is right there in my energy field — not really strong — but his presence is certainly felt. I keep telling him that if I’m not supposed to think about him that he shouldn’t be there. No response and he doesn’t move. SIGH. Oh – but I did get him to say that he will channel energy into the hook up of Will and I since it is important that it happen.

Back to work I go.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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