Bill , Atlantis and Thought Exchange!

Bill , Atlantis and Thought Exchange!

My son in his infinite wisdom decided to break his arm in two spots last week. Ok – so that wasn’t his intent. But when you ride the recycle bin down the staircase — what would you expect? So while this has put a crimp on his birthday party (postponed maybe canceled – all depending) he does have a waterproof cast on which means we can still go to the pool this summer. YAY!

Then today my cat Scrappy Doodle pushed through the screen in my office, rolled out onto the roof, rolled down the roof and managed to grab on – pull himself up with his claws. SIGH.

And summer just started!

I’d like a slice of quiet times – hold on the drama please. LOL.

Working on my thought process still. This is an ongoing project. I find that it takes more (for me anyways) then to simply remove a thought (in regards to money and impending doom) and replace it with a happier one.  I have to remove it AND find something else to distract me all at the same time. The distraction becomes by thought and the action I’m doing stirs up good emotions.

By just replacing one thought for another I noticed I fought like hell against the residual emotions that were sticking around from the previous thought. So that’s when I had the idea to distract myself as I was changing one thought for another. So far that has worked.

I put myself into a panic last night when I realized the date and then looked at my bank account. I can do this…..

Bill – for whatever reason – is becoming very popular during my dreams. Now I don’t know if he’s always been there every night and I’m just not remembering more. Or if he is showing up on purpose more. He’s always been a frequent visitor – my whole life. But now — well it’s hard to explain or I how know – but it’s different now. He wants to know more. Growing up neither one of us gave it a second thought. Then when I discovered who he was back in 2002 – it all changed. He was still around but ignored me – like I broke some unspoken rule that we weren’t supposed to know who each other was in the physical world.

Now he wants to know what I know. And how he can find things out on his own. I have a feeling that someone this is connected to my renewed obsession about Atlantis and my current project. Maybe my energy shifted because of Atlantis and that drew him to me more often?

Whatever the reason is – I’m glad he’s around more. I think Ted is too – but his energy is secondary to Bill’s in dream time.

Have a great Monday!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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