Bill, Astral Sex And A Quickie!

Bill, Astral Sex And A Quickie!

Bill hasn’t shown up around me in quite some time. He’s always there – but when he’s busy working on a project – he’s focused on that project. Anyways – he must of had a few minutes to kill with this brief encounter.

I’m working on my script minding my own business when I can hear him tell me to astral project. I ignore him for a spell – but he’s persistent. So I get into position to astral travel – but I’m having a hard time separating my energy body from my physical body. The next thing I know, Bill is there with an outstretched hand. I grab it – go through a quick separation (with a loud popping sound – ouch) and away we went.

The nice thing with OBE travel is that all you have to do is think about something and you’re there. I followed his lead and we arrived in the midst of a frozen forest. I asked him (telepathically) why here? He said that he physically visited this place once and loved it.

Around us I can see these little black creatures scurrying about. Very unnerving if you didn’t know that they wouldn’t harm you. But I know from past experiences. I can hear a hum of sorts – it’s very soothing. Bill immediately says it’s the trees – they are singing for us.

His body shifts into an energy mass of an array of colors. I can see every color of the rainbow – but the two that stand out are red and violet. I shift into an energy mass and I can hear him say – nice yellow. I guess that’s the color I had going for me. His energy merged with mine. The sensational feeling is that of free falling off of Sears Tower in Chicago. It’s very elating, tummy dropping and energy jazzing. At the same time it felt as if someone poured a warm liquid through through the top and it flowed throughout.

Next thing I know I slammed back into my body — out of breath — yet energized:)

Who says quickies don’t work?

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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