Bill, Astral Projection, and a Hand Out

Bill, Astral Projection, and a Hand Out

Astral projection is when your astral body separates from your physical body. After astral separation, you are then able to travel to the past, somewhere in the present, and into the future. Theoretical physicists say that there are multiple parallel universes with infinite layers to each universe. With astral projection – you can travel to any of these places (providing your vibrational energy meets the requirements of the area you are trying to visit). Where you can travel to is endless. That is what makes astral projection such a cool technique to learn.

As long as I’ve been astral projecting, I find that I still run into occasional problems during the separation stage.

One late afternoon, I set aside some time to meditate and astral travel. After a lengthy deep meditation, I commenced on the separation. As my astral body went to separate, it felt like it was caught on something. It wasn’t. But it felt like when you catch your coat in the car door or your bath towel in the bathroom door – and you tug and you tug, but it won’t move until you reopen the door and free it.

I stopped trying to separate, assessed my energy, and tried it again. Same thing happened – I got caught. But before I could stop the separation process, I felt a hand extended to me. It was Bill!

I took his astral hand and he helped me out. He told me that my cats were keeping my astral body in my body – to protect it. When I asked why, he said that the closer astral realms (realms closed to our physical plane) had some interesting energy moving through it. Interesting as in “not trusting” — not “hey that’s cool!” I, of course, wanted to go see what was up. He did not.

Being me, I didn’t really listen to him and thought about the close realms – off I went to one of them. When I emerged I was in a setting that was well – watery. It felt like I was stepping into and through hundreds of waterfalls. Some at a trickle, some gushing. ut I could not see or feel water. It was the energy that felt like this. There really wasn’t much color – to me it all looked beige.

Next thing I knew, there’s Bill. Giving me that “oh so disapproving” look. Sheesh. I knew if he touched me he could whisk me out with only a thought. So I took off through the energy, looking around. You couldn’t SEE that anything was off. But you could FEEL it. The energy from what I could gather was supposed to feel smooth, almost like silk. In many ways it did feel like that, but in patches it felt the opposite – very prickly.

I could hear my guide – Joshua – telling me to get the hell out of there. Before I could say anything (or do anything), Bill brushed past me, grabbed me, and off we went.

Now we were at a beach – where it seems he and I go a lot. He said no, he doesn’t know what’s going on. But that we’d better find out. He could hear Joshua yelling at me to go – and knew that there was no time to argue about it. He told me to go back home, and we’d talk later.

This time I listened. When I arrived back, it only appeared like I was gone, maybe 10 min. But by looking at my clock I could see it was much longer than that.

I still do not know what is going on – but now my spidey sense is on alert. There’s never a dull moment during an astral projection!


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