Bill And Will With A Sprinkle Of Ted!

Bill And Will With A Sprinkle Of Ted!

I’m not mechanically inclined. Try as I might — I just can’t figure out how things go together unless the instructions are ironclad. Well, the direction for my fan were not that straight forward. What would have taken my ex maybe 10 min, took me almost 40. But — I did get it together – so for that I have to give myself a pat on the back.

I also have a horrendous tooth ache I’m battling. Getting my 1st cavity at 38, I’m not used to mouth trouble. But this tooth is just killing me! Well, it’s not just a tooth, it in loves 1/2 my jaw. Now I realize part of the problem is that I clench my teeth as I sleep and I’ve used one of those store bought guards for awhile (a dentist made one is way out of my price range) — but dang. I think part of my filling came out. They couldn’t get me in to see he dentist till next Thursday. So until then I’m a crying and popping Tylenol. But Goddess..this thing REALLY hurts!!

With my tooth and the “kick me in the ass” pain – I can’t eat. It hurts to eat or drink – unless everything goes through a straw. Plus – it hurts to talk. That’s a bummer on so many levels. Not exactly sure about the podcast tomorrow – if I do one it may be really-really short.

(The above I wrote on Friday)

Today – Tuesday – I’m going to the dentist — they had a cancelation!

(Below – This dream visit I tried to write about on Sunday)

I had a dream visit last night with Bill, Will and Ted. I entered the dream in a long hallway with high arches. Everything looked to be made from moonstone and marble. There were quartz crystal sconces on both sides of the hall – no visible flame or light bulb, but they glowed anyways and lit the way. Bill came running out of a doorway – stopped – looked at me and flashed me his million dollar smile. What are you up to? I asked? Nothing at all – he replied.

But I knew he was full of it — something was up.

Bill commented – You’re going to love NYC! I’m sure I will – I replied – any idea when I’ll be there? He laughed – sooner than you think. He grabbed my hand and started to pull me down the hall. I’m like – where are we going? He said – any place but here.

Which of course made me think – why?

Then I knew why — Will came out of a door. Will looked down and us and shouted – Hey!

I gave Bill that “look” – like shame on you.

Then those two started yelling at one another – oh good lord the cuss words. Finally I said (and I remember this line crystal clear) — both of you shut the fuck up!

Startled they both looked at me — I kept yelling: what do I look like – a piece of property you two can barter over, decide who I will be with — talk to me as if I wasn’t here when I’m standing right here! That’s it — I pick Ted.

The look on their faces was simply priceless. You can’t do that — Bill said. And who in the hell made you team captain? I yelled back. I’m the oldest soul Bill replied – that’s why. Wrong – oh wrong — I said, Will is. You’re wrong – said Will. Am not – I said. Yes you are – we’re the oldest soul – Will said.

Roll of the eyes — whatever. I pick Ted. And when I roll over morning, noon or night and look into those scrumptious green eyes — I will not be thinking of either if you.

He’s married – Will said. Today he is — but it’s Ted, give him a few more months, a year tops.

Where’s Tracey – Bill said. Not here – I replied — and I’m outta here. Bye boys.

A look of sheer terror came over them.

I woke up and smiled. They have no clue who they’re messing with — but they’ll catch on.

And on that note – off to the dentist I go…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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