Bill, And The Need To Be One!

Bill, And The Need To Be One!

Bill has been so close to me lately that I swear I could reach out and touch him. I go through my day feeling his kisses on my neck, the touch of his fingertips on my upper arms, his lips pressed against mine, his tongue searching out mine. These feelings can happen at any part of my day, regardless where I’m at or who I am with.

This has been going on since last Thursday – after a dream visit we had Wednesday night. I remember waking up out of breath, with a tingling sensation all over my body as if I had just had an orgasm. But I was still as turned on as if I hadn’t. I laid there in my bed trying to piece together what had just happened in this last dream visit. I could see Bill and I in a four-poster bed with a white canopy. Our hands and mouths explored one another and it was almost as if we were each trying to get under the other person’s skin. Almost as if we wanted to crawl inside one another – it’s hard to explain. No matter how close our physical bodies were, it wasn’t close enough. We couldn’t merge as close as we needed to – it was a drive, a hunger – like an obsession that we both had to be in the same body with both of our souls occupying the same physical space.

But since that night he has been right there with me 24/7. When I lie in bed I can feel his mouth all over my body. Sometimes it takes all I have not to scream at the top of my lungs that I need his physical body to touch, to hold onto and never let go.

I’ve always loved to sleep – but now I really cannot wait to get to bed for I know he will be there waiting for me – in my dreams.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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