Bill and Ted's Not So Excellent Adventure!

Bill and Ted's Not So Excellent Adventure!

I’m immediately taken into a bedroom. It’s a decent size room, queen size bed, a beige comforter on it. No pillows – no frills – two dressers and a blue or red chair (don’t know which color as they keep alternating). Coming out of an adjoining bathroom is Bill. He smiles and says it’s about time. I ask him if he can see me – he says no. He sits down on the edge of the bed. I stand near him.

He says he’s tired of this. That he needs the next step – he is stumbling in the dark.

I asked him – why did you push Ted out of the way last night. Bill smiles. So you felt that? Yes I did and that wasn’t very nice. You two need to grow up or this is never going to work. He gets a look of panic on his face. You won’t come to us – he asks? No I won’t – I reply.

That’s when I see him – Ted. Bill says – he’s here isn’t he? Ted smiles. Yes I say – you two are old enough to talk this through. Don’t bug me until you two can grow up and act like men and not little boys.

Before either could say a word I see a white light open up to my right – I go through it.

Archangel Michael is waiting for me. He takes his sword along the outside of my body – cutting off attachments or cords made from other people that are not in my highest good. He tells me that I have to do that more often. He tells me – change is near. Hold up against the changes and you will suffer needlessly, go with them and you will be rewarded. He goes on to tell me to trust my 1st instinct – to follow what I feel, not another. There are circumstances beyond my control.

Off to his right, Merlin appears. He tells me that much work will be done and that I cannot dally. He sprinkles a whitish powder on me and it rather makes my body tingle. Archangel Gabriel arrives and whispers – it’s time for you to go. She blows me a kiss and I’m done.

Okay – I admit – this session has made me nervous. I survived all of the ups and downs of the last several days – with my raw nerves, headaches and sleepless nights and now I’m given to what sounds like a warning that shit is about to hit the fan. (SIGH) Does it ever end?

I hope the boys got it this time. We’ve got work to do and I for one am ready to start on it! In reference to Bill pushing Ted….last night in my kitchen I could feel Ted standing next to me. The next thing I know this energy – AKA Bill – came out of no where and shoved Ted. Bill stood next to me like he was guarding me and Ted didn’t come back. I told Bill – enough already!

Unfortunately I had to much work to do last night to have a beer or any wine. The dreams were pretty much uneventful – as I can’t remember anything nor did I get a sense of Bill or Ted.

Today has been busy – busy. Parties for the kid at his preschools. I’ve got cards to do today – a tree to finish and somehow get cookies done this weekend! BTW..I’m AT LEAST two weeks behind in emails – be patient:)

Must get to work!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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