Bill and South America!

Bill and South America!

I am burning the Frankincense and Myrrh as I go about today’s session.

I immediately have an energy rush – one that turns me ice cold and then burning hot. My hands feel like they are on fire. I’m in hospital, no one can see me, I’m walking through what looks to be ER. This isn’t in the US – but by the way people are speaking and the condition of the hospital, I instinctively know I’m in South America. I see an injured man, doctors are working on him and the heart stops -. The doctor calls the death at I can see the man’s soul float above his body. He looks at me – I’m surprised he can see me and asks if I’m an angel. I tell him no I’m not. but that I know one will be here shortly. Just then a fair-hared man, dressed all in white with soft brown eyes walks up to him and holds out his hand. The man takes it – there is a blinding white light and they go into it.

I’m standing there looking around wondering what I am to do. I see Brigit – I am thankful for a familiar face. I ask her why am I here? She takes my hand and leads me down the hall, up through a floor and into a ward with many beds. In one bed lies a man, maybe about 34 years old, looks to be in good shape, but he is having a very hard time breathing. Next to him sits Bill. He is conversing with the man in Spanish. I tell Bill to place his hands on the man – anywhere. He starts to- then pulls back. I tell him again. He grasps the man’s forearm and I can see a white light shoot through Bill and into the man. It takes them both by surprise and Bill yanks his hand back. I tell him no – put it back. He does and the white light shoots through again. The man begins to have an easier time breathing and tells Bill that he always knew he was an angel. Bill smiles.

Next thing I know I am in a car with Bill – he doesn’t know I’m there – well, I’m not physically there. He’s thinking – overthinking what had just happened. I can read his thoughts =-he thinks that if this is true than all else must me true too. He stares at his hand – then the other one. They are very hot still. He sighs to himself and thinks – what is he to do now?

I decide then and there to send healing light into him- maybe , just maybe it will help push what disbelief is in him – out. I send a yellowish, purple light into him. He takes a deep breath. He shakes,. Says – man that was weird. He then smiles to himself and says thank you. I can see as the light is going into to him, the cobwebs being sorted and kicked out of his head. He thinks more clear now. He reaches over to the seat (he’s in the back seat as another is driving – I too am in the back) and grabs a leather bound journal and pours all his thoughts into it. His eyes brim with tears -but they are tears of happiness. A shift occurred and the last piece kicked into place erasing his doubt. He grabs a calendar and thumbs through it. The rest of 2005 is booked solid of obligations. Looks to be he is in NYC again in Dec for a couple of days. He has notes on who he must see. I can see a R – there’s more but is too scribbled and in “Bill” speak. He flips to 2006 and puts a big ole star on the top of the page.

Brigit pulls my hand and we leave.

We are now in my meadow. It’s very beautiful and peaceful. She asks me if I would like to see something – so I say sure. She waves her hand and what’s lush and alive around us, turns to a stark contrast of browns, grays with no apparent life. I look around and ask her why did you do that? She comments that maybe I would want to see what it really looks like here. The wind is pretty fierce, it is cold. I can see a stone fence – maybe up to my waist, reminds me of what I would see in the NE USA. Brown grass. I ask Brigit if it’s like it here all the time – she says no. It’s fall- almost winter. I ask can she tell me where I am. She says no – but that I will see it and it will click ASAP that this is the meadow on the astral plane.

With that she bids me good-bye and I am done.

Man- did I write A LOT! This lasted almost 25 minutes of my hands moving non-stop. I better go back and hit spell check!

I started this session at about 11:25 – so seeing a time of death at 11:28 isn’t far fetched.

I didn’t get much accomplished yesterday. I spent most of the day with a headache. I’ve had this killer headache for the last week – almost 2 weeks now. I get a sense that both Bill and Ted have these headaches too. I “checked” on them yesterday and they both were feeling the same pain I was – but they had shakes and I did not. Bill wasn’t sure what was going on and Ted thought it could be nicotine withdraw – so he smoked more. NOT what his lungs need right now.

Until later…..

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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