Bill, a TV Show and Vlad the Impaler!

Bill, a TV Show and Vlad the Impaler!

I had to go earlier today as the people will be here soon to tear apart my bathroom – yeah!

Today it was just me and my wand – and then it as just me – as I was told once again to put things back. I’m not sure why I keep being told not to bring anything with me into meditation – or even not to meditate. Maybe the Divine is showing me that I can just enter into a state of being without forcing myself to do so. I don’t know?

Bill and I are sitting by a lake, talking. I can sense that a cabin is behind us and you are there with the kids. I am picking up pieces of grass and playing with them – like I am nervous. He grabs my hands and tells me to stop playing. He tilts my head up so that I am forced to look at his face. I don’t know why – but I’m having a very hard time meeting his eyes. He tells me that he doesn’t want me to go back. I tell him that I don’t want to go — but that I need to take care of things. He gently grabs my face in his hands and says — you have to come back. I promise him that I will.

I am then at a radio show – but it’s my radio show and I’m talking to a caller about her questions. I finish and am taking a drink of coffee when I’m told there is another caller on the line. This is Bill and he has a relationship problem. I tell Bill to go ahead – and I take another sip of coffee. I almost choke on the coffee when I realize it is “Bill” calling me and asking for advice about us. He knows it’s me on the air – and I tell him that it will all work out. A few bumps, some money being sent, some more bumps, but within six months everything should be smooth sailing.

Next thing I know I am handing a script to Mel Gibson. We are going over the changes that I made. No idea what movie or when this is – but I’m much thinner (thank God) so it has to be a few years down the road:)

I can feel Archangel Raphael at my side and I allow him to guide me to a large castle – not the castle from my other visions – but this one has a large river running beside it. I ask – why are we here? He tells me that I need to come here for some answers. Answers to what I ask. He says for the basis of this life’s gifts. It all comes back to here.

Then I’m pulled out of it and the session is over.

The second castle – I get a strong feeling that it is Vlad the Impaler castle in Romania (Transylvania), since I am related to him (though family lore I am told – paper trail has reached a dead stop) on my father’s side.

I’m now a staff writer for the Cleveland show – “Out of Darkness”! It’s a gritty 30 min supernatural police drama. It was playing on the Dish Network – but I believe that the executive producer is looking for other avenues. Here is the site for the series: A new site is being worked on. Anyways – I’m pretty darn excited! I can finally say that I’m a produced writer:)

Sorry that this entry can’t be longer – but I’ve got more on my plate today than I can handle – so I have to go.

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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