Bill, A Breakthrough And My Chart!

Bill, A Breakthrough And My Chart!

I’m amazed on how tiring it is to make cookies and wrap presents. Lord I’d never make it if I had more than one kid – lol! He – BTW – has finally went to bed. It’s 10:11 Christmas Eve and I just wish he’d fall asleep so that I can eat the cookies we put out for Santa and get the presents under the tree so I can snooze. But nooooo…he’s too excited to sleep:) SIGH. I just hope I can out last him in staying awake! Good thing I only drank one Guinness today!

Bill and I have been having dream visits for as long back as I can remember. Before I discovered who he was, the dreams sometimes turned sexual, but most times not – just two people hanging out having a good conversation or maybe him trying to teach me how to paint. Then after I figured out who he was and he knew I knew – most of the visits he had been guarded. There are a few over the years that are in the fringe of my conscious where he allowed me to get close to him – but just about all – we had been in a crowd, he was distant and really didn’t want people to know that we knew each other. Then last SAT (Dec 22) – the Winter Solstice came, and this dream visit was completely different. It’s as if that last thing finally “clicked”. And he had an “ah-ha” moment!

(took a time out and put out the presents and did the stockings as he fell asleep!)

Bill and I were in a crowd as usual – but he wouldn’t let me out of his sight. If I would try to go somewhere else – he’d tell me to come back – and I’d always ask “are you sure” and he’d always say “yes”. Once I was dialing someone’s number on my cell and he’s behind me, nibbling on my neck. I asked him if he felt ok and he said yes – for the 1st time in a long time. There was one scene where we were right smack dab in the middle of a Tim Burton movie (or so it felt) and I asked him what in the world has he gotten me into this time? He had me sit down next to him in he dark. When I did, he took my hand and placed it on his crotch. The next thing I know is my hand is in his pants working it (if you know what I mean). He was to my left – so it was my left hand in his pants. Thing were getting too uncomfortable for him in his pants so he took them part way off and his cock sprung free. He laid on his right side and I had to use two hands on it (I thought – good Lord if it’s really this size – lol) and he told me to put my thumbs on the large veins – so I did and continued what I was doing. I heard people walking towards us and I asked – there are people coming do you want me to stop? And well — it was really too late to stop and I saw him well – cum. And then I had to go distract the people who were on their way so that he could get cleaned up. But one of the guys put his hand in a drop of Bill’s love juice (lol) and I thought – okay, that’s gross – but I distracted him and said it must of been honey. Then my darn cat woke me up.

Bill was very outspoken during my hand motions and very possessive but loving, during the dream. A complete departure from the norm. The actual dream sex was a bit more graphic and involved than I wrote above – and I hope to add that entry to the OBE sex blog soon – just not tonight.

Below is a URL for an astrology program that a client sent me. You save the actual information on your hard drive, but you can use the website to make charts and all that for you. Here’s the link:

I did it for myself and found the chart very eerie as it pretty much pegged me. I have people in my life that accept me for who I am, but I don’t have anyone in my life, physically, thus far who gets me and all of me, not just bits and pieces. And I wondered why, I didn’t think that I was that complex of a person to get – but after reading this report, I guess I am. I’ve included the report in this blog posting – feel free to read if you want to ( And when you read the report – yes, it says Alison and not Allie as Alison is my birth name although I hardly ever use it any more. I also did a chart for my son and it nailed him really good as well.

And now I’m heading to bed. Santa will be here soon and my son will be up soon after that:)

Merry Christmas!
Allie 🙂

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