Ben Browder, Questions and Lessons Galore!

Ben Browder, Questions and Lessons Galore!

Having Ben Browder on the show last night was a highlight of my year so far. He was personable, friendly and talkative. The interview was only supposed to last 15 min but he hung around chatting with me for 35 min. Yay Ben!

I’ve complied a list of people I want to interview on the show. If you have anyone you’d like me to add (of course no guarantee I can get them on), go to Allie Theiss Friends on Facebook and let me know!

I have also decided that besides talking about their current project or event, that every guest will get asked a series of 10 questions (like on The Actor’s Studio). My list looks something like this…

Here’s the list I’m going to ask every guest from now on (besides asking about current projects):
  1. Aliens have been studying our planet for 50 years – living among us and observing our behavior. They’ve been recalled to their home world to report their findings. What would they say about the human race? 
  2. You’ve been whisked into the Witness Protection Program. Because you can no longer be (insert profession), what kind of job would they give you?
  3. What’s the one piece of advice you can give people about pursuing their dreams?
  4. What’s your favorite food?
  5. You have a craving for (insert favorite food) and you lack the ingredients to make it/cannot find it no matter how many stores/restaurants you visit. What do you do?
  6. If you could be any animal – which one?
  7. At your current age, if you were able to give one piece of advice to the younger  you – what would it be?
  8. If someone was writing a biographical book or movie on your life – what would be the title?
  9. What is your passion? What drives you to get out of bed every morning?
  10. Pet Peeve?
There may be some tweaking before the next interview – but I like my questions. It gets the listener a chance to get to know the person without having to ask the same boring questions. 
Life is funny – never boring – even when it can be exhausting. When life gets to be exhausting, it’s because there is a lesson or two in there that we cannot see or refuse to see and we keep repeating it. Even when the sun shines through and we think we’ve got it made – if we haven’t learned the lesson that was pre
sented to us — life is going to kick the legs out from underneath you – again. 
Each time the same lesson comes around again, it’s harder to overcome. If you don’t learn in it in the current life – good God – the next life that lesson will come back and it will be unbearable. You’ll get put in a situation that forces you to learn the lesson. For instance – you have a great job with gobs of money, but you’re not giving at all to those less fortunate. Because of this – your personal life is in shambles. No matter how many people you have sex with or marry – you never get it right. Enter the next life – you have gobs of money again, but you lose every last dime and end up homeless. Now you are forced to see that it is imperative that people help out the less fortunate – which is now you. Make sense? Or in  the next life no matter you do you can’t catch a break and you’re always broke — causing you to be one of the less fortunate. 
All I know is that I pay very close attention now to my own life. If I see a pattern I figure out what the lesson is and I try to learn it and move forward. 
So where are you stuck? Can you see a pattern?
Friday’s food for thought 🙂
Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉
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