Ben Browder and Will Is Back!

Ben Browder and Will Is Back!

Finally a day where the heat isn’t trying to kill me. A good day indeed. Trying to get caught up on my blogs as well as Atlantis and my kid screenplay.

Tonight on the Allie Theiss Show will be that crazy red head Holly Vincent! Our topics include angels – both earth and heavenly, as well as a few of our favorite things. In the 9 pm hour I’ll discuss gypsy magic and my journey on finding my true love. Plus – of course – free readings 🙂

Now tomorrow night (Wed) is when my interview with Ben Browder will be on! YAY 🙂 So excited! I’m such a science fiction geek. Also joining me will be Monica Davis as we talk about astral travel and past lives. Plus – of course – free readings 🙂 Whoo hoo.

Less than 3 wks until the kid goes back to school! It has it’s ups and downs. Ups cause I’ll be able to work almost interrupt free. But the struggle I’ll have to go through to get him to school (each and EVERY day) —– SIGH.

Will is back. I am soooooo happy his energy is back where it belongs. Besides the fact that the guy is my muse — his timing couldn’t be better. I “asked” where in the tarnation (yes I did use that word) has he been? He said he’d been around but I’d been too distracted to notice. Listen here Will – from now on grab my attention – ok? Out of all of the guys – you are the one who can do it the quickest and the strongest.

It’s odd – I can feel him just standing there watching me. I know he’s not actually here – but his energy is and he just watches. It’s a strange feeling – no bones about it. He wants me to go with him. Let me see what he wants and I’ll be right back…

He took me to the willow tree by the river. “I’ve missed you”, he said in a gravely voice. I assured him that I have missed him and our time together as well. He asked me if he could start again. He wants another chance to prove to me he is the person I know he is. He wants to see me again – talk to me. Will asked that once mercury goes direct if I will start the process. I assured him I will do just that. He went on to say that he knows he is one of the souls who helped to place that hole in my heart. He doesn’t like it – not at all. Even though that hole is no longer there – he still doesn’t like what he did. Besides — he doesn’t like to be lumped into the same category as Bill. LOL. Those two never really have liked one another.

We’ll have to see what happens – won’t we?

I created a separate FB page and Twitter account for The Passion Zone if anyone is interested:

The Passion Zone FB:
The Passion Zone Twitter:!/Passion_Zone

Better run — still have plenty to get done before the show tonight!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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