Ben Browder and Manifestation – It's All Good!

Ben Browder and Manifestation – It's All Good!

There’s a heat advisory and it is so flipin hot already. Dang this house for not having any a/c already installed in it. Yes – I do know they make portable units – but there’s money required for one of those things 🙂 LOL. We’ll survive – just be really hot and miserable for a few more days.

If you listen to my Allie Theiss Show you’ll know that I’ve been “putting it out there” that I want Ben Browder on my show. I’ve been consistent in my plea to the universe – every week I’ve said at least once since the show started.

Well guess what? Got the word yesterday that Ben agreed to an interview! YAY!! I’m really thrilled to talk with him – I’m a HUGE Farscape and Stargate fan. If you’re a science fiction fan and you’ve never watched Farscape – you really need to. Good ole Netflix 🙂

Not sure of the exact date his interview will be on – but as soon as I hear through the “suit” channels – I will let you know 🙂

Now my sex advice show – The Passion Zone – ever since I put it on iTunes it’s being downloaded at a crazy pace. I told my co-host Scarlet that I guess it’s about time we add another tid bit to the show.

Ask Allie podcast – also on fire. Hard to believe it’s my 6th year of the podcast! I hope people continue to listen to the shows and enjoy them.

Now back to Ben and also to Atlantis. I know full well that  the law of attraction/manifestation is what brought Ben to say “ok” and got my Atlantis project funded. So knowing this, I had to think to myself – how did these two things manifest when I can’t manifest more money or a decent love interest?

Then it dawned on me – I wasn’t worried about Ben saying yes or Atlantis getting funded. I put it out there (on a consistent basis) and didn’t worry about it. I didn’t think about the how, why or when – I just “knew” that both would come to pass. I didn’t obsess over either – didn’t give either really much thought.

Now I worked towards both (by putting it out there) I didn’t just say what I wanted and then sat and waited for it. There’s some action required behind the scenes. You don’t have to know what the action has to be – the universe knows that – all you have to do is go with the flow.

All I knew is that I wanted what I wanted. The universe figured out the rest.

So what do you want? Can you do what I did and put what you want out there to the universe on a consistent basis without worrying or obsessing about it? Because that’s how it’s done. I am again – living proof 🙂

And on that note – I’m off to work on Atlantis!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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