And Then There Was Ben….#2

And Then There Was Ben….#2

Monday I was sitting around minding my own business. In fact, I was writing Tuesday’s Bliss post. So I was knee-deep into writing about Bill and I. When all of sudden out of left field BAM — a vision pops up.

I’m sitting in an airport lounge working on my iPad (I currently do not own one) when someone sits down next to me. I hear a deep voice ask,”Are you Allie?” I look up – “holy shit” I think to myself — but I’m going to play it cool. “Yes I am.”

He introduces himself and I ask him to have a seat. He removes my book,”Soulful Connections,” and wants to know if can ask my a question about the book. All cool like – I say, “Sure!” (while the inner me is screaming – he read my book!). He turns to the chapter on Ben and hands it to me. I know what he wants — I tell him that this Ben is not him. He asks me a few questions to make sure.

I answered all of them truthfully – and added in that when I wrote the book, it was still the beginning of my soul mate journey. I had no idea all the souls that comprised the soul circle or even the soul group. Just family on down. He smiled and said, “Well time for you to discover me.”

The vision snapped away as fast as it arrived.

I sat there — thinking back over the last several years — have I missed any of the signs? Was I even paying attention to them? Ben 2 has always intrigued me. I wouldn’t go out of my way to learn more about him, but if he was in my area I’d pay attention. Needless to say, I opened “Soulful Connections” and added a segment on him. I’m serious curious now to learn more.

The really cool part — he found me 1st. That seriously rocks my world! He and Will are the only two who found me before I found them. I’ll bet that he is as mischievous and sexual as Will.

This is gonna be fun!

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