Soulful Connections (my book) is coming along swimmingly. With each click of the keyboard I am amazed at what I have learned over the last 12 years. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that discovering Bill 12 years ago would lead me to connect with a variety of character from my soul tribe: Ted, Will, Vincent, Ian 2, all the way up to Ben 2. It’s been a crazy-ass ride and I pray that I’m still in the beginning stages of discovery.

You see, when I first started down this path I was called every horrible degrading name you could think of – and I still think a few of those descriptive terms were made up. It hurt – yes. But I didn’t care. Nowhere in my logical mind did I think the path before me that it was the right on, however, it emotionally felt like a home run.

That is why I started writing about my soul tribe – that is why I created Out of Body Ecstasy, and that is what lead me to go back to school, get all my fancy degrees, and become a sex coach specializing in energy. Had I not gone with my “it feels right” I would have missed this path and probably would be a CFO in Corporate America.

Those who know me would agree when I say I’m on the right path.

Feel through this with me for a sec — if me being a sex coach is correct – going back to school getting my degrees is correct – creating OBE is correct – writing about my discoveries so that 1000’s of people felt comfort that they weren’t crazy is correct – then why, here at the beginning, would the people I know soulfully know to be in my tribe not be correct? A whole bunch of correct can not blossom from a foundation of incorrect.

So what’s the point I’m getting at? I’m almost there.

If you found me – and this site – it wasn’t a coincidence. You’re supposed to be here.

Why? Because either you’re on your soul mate path or you’re about to embark. You are/will – soul by soul – find/ing those in your soul tribe.

Pay attention to your hunches. Your pull towards something or someone. Had I not allowed the pull to lead me to Ian 2 & Ben 2, I would have missed out on pure unconditional love. Ian 2 rounded out my main group of souls (plus is my twin flame) while Ben 2 was the “one” I have been looking for. He’s that one we all look for in our lives.

Pay attention to your dreams. No matter what happens during your waking life, during your dream life your soul tribe will visit you. Most times it is a fleeting feel that someone familiar was in your dream. Other times you remember everything about him/her except what they look like. And of course other times you remember it all – vividly. Souls ALWAYS look to connect during our dream state with our ego-filled, doubtful conscious mind is asleep and out of our soul’s way.

Pay attention to how the soul makes you FEEL. Brain power has its place – and this is not it. When you meet a member of your soul tribe it FEELS correct. You do not question it. You do not doubt it. Because at the end of the day, you’re going to FEEL it.

You’re not crazy. This is your safe port. Feel free to tell me about your soul discoveries so far in the comments below. How do they make you FEEL?

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