Ever Want To Beat The Hell Out Of Someone?

Ever Want To Beat The Hell Out Of Someone?

Of course you have. Stop lying — somebody at sometime needed their butt kicked by you. As a Taurus, I’m not gonna lie, there were people weekly I’d like to do this to. Disrespect, lying, and yes — plain ole stupidity just drove me nuts.

But you know what? I had to chill it and so do you.

Many moons ago in a galaxy far – far – away, a friend once said – Allie, you have to watch your temper. If you allow it to explode, your son will feed off of it and he will explode. This will cause you to explode even more and so forth until it’s a bloody mess.

Energy feeds off of energy. When I or you get upset/angry/flippin’ pissed off at someone that anger energy envelops them and their anger envelops us. It’s a constant back and forth energy exchange with the energy gaining in momentum and strength with every pass.

So the angrier you get, the angrier they get and vice verse. It’s a no-win situation. This is how a disagreement over a small thing turns into a heated argument.

The next time the anger builds up in you, try one of these solutions:

  1. Walk away for 5- 10 min.
  2. With every inhale imagine white light entering through your crown chakra and with every exhale the white light out your heart chakra.
  3. Give yourself a few moments to consider their side of the argument. It’s difficult to be angry when you can understand all angles.

If any of the three seem impossible and you are angry often, carry with you a rose quartz or amethyst. You can put it in your pants pocket or in your purse. When the anger starts to well up inside of you, hold the stone in your receptive hand (the hand you do not write with) and all its energy to soothe you.

In the comments below, tell me how you diffuse an angry situation. What tips or tricks work for you?

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