Basil of Opportunity Bath Magic

Basil of Opportunity Bath Magic

Basil is a wonderful herb for attracting money-spending customers to your business or money/financial opportunities to you personally. The next time you need money, give this a try!

  1. Put a put of water on to boil.
  2. Chop a bunch of basil – but leave most of the leaves whole. Usually when you buy basil in the store, the basil bundle is wrapped with a band.
  3. Put the cut basil in a bowl. Pour the boiling water over the basil. Let it seep.
  4. When the water cools, pour it into your bath.
  5. Get into the bath and imagine that the basil leaves are money – and that you are surrounded by money/swimming in cash.
  6. Allow yourself to air dry after your bath.
  7. If you have a hair catcher in your drain, go ahead and let the bath drain, then get the basil out. If you do not have a catcher, use a strainer to scoop up the basil before you allow the water to drain out.
  8. Save the basil, put it into a baggie, and by where you work (for paying clients) or where you pay your bills (for money & financial opportunities).
  9. Once the money flows, you can discard the basil.
  10. Repeat as needed,
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