Barry Manilow, Will And Time!

Barry Manilow, Will And Time!

Barry Manilow on the iPod again — this time “Weekend In New England” (my favorite) and all I can see is Will and I running over cobblestones – in the midst of a heavy downpour – and entering a bar housed in a stone building – in Salem Mass. I can see some more short glimpses: us once we enter the bar shaking off the rain and laughing because we’re soaked, us sitting at a table eating sandwiches, drinking beer and noting that people were staring at us. It doesn’t matter what BM song comes on – I get visions with all of them. For example:

Can’t Smile Without You & Daybreak: Us on stage during our 2 man play.
Even Now: Us on Oprah talking about our connection.
This One’s For You & Ready To Take A Chance Again: Will taking me to Bill’s house.

And so forth – and so on.

I’ve been thinking some about our connection and (not) making that phone call. If he and I made a soul promise to connect in this life – then we will connect no matter what. If we didn’t – no matter what I do or say, it won’t happen. No how I push – it will not happen, if it is supposed to, before the time we set. This also goes for Bill, Ted and Matt. In a way it’s frustrating – but also comforting as everything is happening because it’s supposed to happen. I still don’t get why Will and I didn’t physically meet last year when all of my spidey powers said we were going to. It could have been what I felt was the emergence of a more powerful connection where it would feel as if we were in the same place – which did happen – and I could have used my wishful thinking and turned it into a physical meet.

In my quest to get rid of stuff (much to the horror of my son), I came across a few resources (compliments of that could help you declutter as well:

National Mailing Lists
The Direct Marketing Association (The DMA) is a trade association of businesses who advertise their products and services directly to consumers by mail, telephone, magazine, Internet, radio or television. Fortunately, they allow consumers to manage their preferences about how their names are used on mailing lists. Managing your preference here can wipe out much, but not all, of your junk mail in one fell swoop. Hurray!

Catalog Choice allows you to select the catalogs you no longer want to receive and then they contact the catalog provider and request your name be removed form their list. You need to select all of the catalogs you wish to stop, but this service is great because it requires only one registration and they take care of all of the correspondence. You should have a copy of the catalogs that you wish to discontinue so that you can get the code from the mailing label. The rest is very simple.

Pre-Approved Offers of Credit.
This one is especially annoying, since pre-approved offers of credit tempt you to accrue debt and pose identity theft opportunities. There are four credit bureaus in the United States: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Innovis. Many companies that you do business with share their data with these bureaus. In turn, the bureaus rent their lists to banks and creditors. Although specific financial information isn’t included in these databases, they do categorize the lists by general income brackets and consumer habits. The insurance industry also uses these lists to solicit business. Thankfully, the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and some states’ laws require credit reporting companies to delete any consumer’s name and address from mailing lists at the consumer’s request. You can do so by calling (888) 5OPTOUT (888-567-8688) to opt out of the mailing lists for all four of the credit bureaus.

My credit card debt is gone – my credit cards are in my safety deposit box (except of one for emergencies) and I am going to do everything in my power to keep it that way. I’m dropping off at the recycling center today 15 years worth of Writer’s Digest magazine. 15 years worth! Plus all of the other magazines that I’ve had lying around. I let all of my subscriptions run out and I’m not renewing. I bought a couple of fun things from Sony for the house – sending them back. I also informed my son that I’ll be canceling cable soon. Reason? The expense and all the darn commercials. He wants everything and it is just plain stupid how they market to kids. No wonder the country is in a credit mess.

I’m also moving stones/crystals around my house to create a nice flow of energy.

The last several days I have been driving around a new 2008 Mini Copper S. Why? Because the dealership in Columbus still has my car. They found some things that needed replaced so they gave me this loaner care. Now my S is a super charge car. This Mini is a turbo. Good lord does it have power. I hit 110 mph on the highway without breaking a sweat. Of course, I slowed it down – no need for a ticket. But it was fun!

I’m outta here in an hour to get my hair colored. I’m a bit nervous since this is the 1st coloring I’ve ever had. I told my son about it – he asked me not to look like a tomato head. I promised him I’d do my best – lol!

I saw a friend that I hadn’t talked to since I got married this last time and she told me that I seem lighter. My energy doesn’t feel heavy like it did before — then she asked – what did I do? I told her divorce:) She said it agreed with me and I agreed with her completely. She’s not the only one who has said that to me. People have mentioned that I do seem more energized, lighter and happier. I would agree. This is what happens to anyone who follows what their soul wants them to do. But it isn’t just the divorce that has changed my energy (although it was a big part). I also am writing more. I know that this is where my purpose lies – in writing (among other things I haven’t figured out), not in giving readings. So I’ve tried to shift my focus without breaking my bank account:) It hasn’t been easy since I’ve been doing readings more than writing for such a long time.

Plus I’m trying to incorporate the meditation, energy raising and some exercise into my daily routine. Focus, focus, focus — that’s the key. And thankfully, I finally figured that out:)

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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