Barry Manilow, Bill, Ted and My 3 Stone Pendant!

Barry Manilow, Bill, Ted and My 3 Stone Pendant!

Just an FYI – I’ve been trying, unsuccessfully to post this since early Sunday afternoon. (SIGH) I hope soon win out against the evil internet!

I wish that I could remember what is happening during dream time. I can feel that what is transpiring is important – but for some reason I am not being permitted to remember. For the last several months, the last thought in my mind as I drift off to sleep are one of the guys. If I do this, then I know I will be able to visit with them, if only briefly. The last few days my last thought has been on Bill. I’ve tried Ted and even the people I write for in the UK. But thinking about them felt like an upstream battle – Bill…well, there was no blockage there. When I awaken this morning I know instinctively that the visits were with both men, with Bill trying to figure things out and Ted standing back being sympatric, but aggravated. There feels to be an urgency to Bill now – like he is pushing himself to understand it all before some deadline. I’ve been waking up with headaches and still very tired — no matter how much “sleep” I got.

I had a flash vision this morning of Bill and I arguing about him leaving Ted and I and just disappearing for God knows how long. I was trying to explain how much it will hurt him to be physically disconnected from two of the triad as this a feeling I knew all too well. He wouldn’t listen. All of a sudden I hear “Daybreak” by Barry Manilow and Ted is lip syncing the words. I don’t know what was funnier – Ted boogieing like Barry or the look on Bill’s and I faces. But that vision made me go break out my Barry Manilow collection — yes, I admit, I HAVE a collection – and listen to the songs. I had forgotten how much I love “Weekend In New England”. So now for the last several hours I’ve been jamming to Barry. This in turn, has interfered with what I’ve got to get done today.

Now all I need is my cheeseburger (with everything), fries (with plenty of salt and vinegar), Guinness and a “Weekend in New England”! Sounds perfect! However, BEING in NE I’d have to say no to since there is so much snow right now! I used to ski – ALONG time ago. If I tried it now, I’d break something. That is unless I had a cute ski instructor and then I’d reconsider!

Speaking of interference — a couple of days ago, as I was taking off my 3 stone pendant necklace, it got caught and the wire stretched, making the rose quartz fall out. Not wanting to deal with it right away, I placed the necklace in my jewelry box along with the pendant from New Zealand. I haven’t worn either in days. Since then – the guys have not been intruding on my thoughts as much – only when thought about 1st by me. This is weird as they have been popping up daily into my thoughts for years – possibility the same time I started to wear the pendant…if I think about it. Humm…..I wonder what kind of connection could be made if they both had their own pendants?

“Gypsy Magic for the Lover’s Soul” is at press! It’ll be ready for orders in about 10 days! You’ll be able to find it on

Did I ever mention that the blook people turned me down? Oh well. It’s still something I want to do. Since I’m rewriting the script again — I hope after this rewrite I can concentrate on the book.

So far no word from the cable network about that TV job. Maybe no news is good news? I submitted an idea to have an “Ask Allie” radio show to both XM and SIRIUS. You never know unless you try — right?

If I keep pushing myself I should be caught up with both of my screenwriting classes by the end of the day! 1st time this year!

I think another rework on my site is in order. Possible eliminating doing the sachets, spells and a good portion of the email readings. I’m not sure yet. I have to streamline my services – somehow.

More food for thought I suppose!

Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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