In honor of Valentines Day – let us work on relationships.

The CENTER of the room in which you wish to practice Feng Shui (may I suggest your bedroom for this exercise) or your home is the place for balance, harmony and spirituality in your life. Different stones to help you achieve this are: Agate (balance), Amethyst (balance, harmony and spiritual development), Andalusite (grounding, balance, spiritual growth), Carnelian (harmony), Citrine (spiritual growth and guidance), Jet (calming/harmony) and Quartz (balance – emotional and physical, spirituality).

The SOUTHWEST sector is about love, romance and marriage. This area is also associated with being receptive. Use some Agate (to attract love), Beryl (to aid in communications), Bloodstone (for support in relationships, love), Jade (partners, love), Kunzite (relationships), Moonstone (mother, love), Malachite (protection/banish negativity), Rose Quartz (relationships, love), Sardonyx (partner communications, love), Ruby (love, loyalty in relationships), Sapphire (love devotion) and Turquoise (partner, love).

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