Bad Luck Got You Down?

Bad Luck Got You Down?

If you didn’t have bad luck would you have no luck at all? You’re not the only one! The below spell doesn’t promise to bring in good luck, but it will stomp out the bad luck!

Supplies: 1 fireproof container (non-metal), 1 black candle, matches/lighter, olive oil, salt and ground red pepper.


1. Carve your name and your desire to do away with bad luck into the BLACK CANDLE.

2. Anoint the candle with the OLIVE OIL. Starting in the middle – rub 9 times up around the candle. Then repeat 9 times going down.

3. Roll the candle in the RED PEPPER.

4. Take your LIGHTER/MATCHES and melt the bottom of the candle slightly. Place it in the FIREPROOF CONTAINER.

5. Pour SALT all the way around the candle – up to 1/2 inch up the sides.

6. Light the candle and place it on the floor.

7. Carefully JUMP over it 3 times.

8. Place the CANDLE in a location where it can be seen by everyone (ex – fireplace mantel, kitchen table) and let it burn down.

9. Take the MELTED WAX SALT BALL and bury it.

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