Does it seem like no matter what you do career wise you just can’t catch a break? You may be suffering from bad career mojo. This happens when you’ve encountered one or more negative experiences career-wise and you have not been able to completely let them go. It’s time to set them free!

In the NORTH section of your office, workstation or living room LITE a SPELL CHARCOAL and place it in a NON MENTAL CONTAINER.

As the charcoal sputters and starts to turn white, place 6 TERMINATED QUARTZ CRYSTALS around it, with the terminated ends pointing IN toward the charcoal.

When the charcoal is at least 1/2 white – sprinkle FRANKINCENSE on it and let it burn. After the frankincense burns out, do it again — and then again…for a total of THREE TIMES. 

Repeat monthly if needed – preferably during the waning moon.

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