Attracting Someone Special Spell

Attracting Someone Special Spell

Would you like to attract someone special into your life? Give this easy spell a try.

  • Take two needles and name one for you and one for your someone special.
  • For a heterosexual relationship, take the point of the “male” needle and place it into the eye of the “female” needle. For a lesbian relationship, eye to eye and for a gay relationship point to point.
  • Place them in a bowl with a combination of lavender and orris root for 3 days.
  • For each of the three days, spend time with your hands (palms down) above the bowl as you imagine your life with your beloved.
  • At the end of the three days, place the needles and the herbs into a red or pink sachet with a small quartz crystal.
  • Put the sachet into a safe place.
  • If needed, replace every three months.
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