Attracting Love Candle

Attracting Love Candle

Now that spring has sprung here in North America – maybe it’s time to spring into a new love! Where winter is upon you, a new love is wonderful to snuggle up to!

Take a PINK CANDLE and carve your NAME and DATE OF BIRTH into it while you imagine yourself involved with a new love.


Take a HANDFUL of ROSE PETALS and place them around the CANDLE in the shape of a HEART. It doesn’t have to be a perfect heart – but it does have to have some resemblance to one.

Take a few deep breaths and light the CANDLE. For the next NINE MINUTES sit with the CANDLE and IMAGINE your life with a NEW LOVE in it! Think about the flirting, the dating, the intimacy, the friendship and closeness. Feel the emotions involved with being in a new love relationship.

Let the CANDLE burn down. Bury the melted wax & rose petals.

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