Attracting Business For The Self-Employed

Attracting Business For The Self-Employed

Are you self-employed and need to attract paying clients into your business? Give this paying customer infusion a try!

1. Pour a cup of FRESH BASIL into your bath water.
2. Add 3 LODESTONES to the bath.
3. Soak in the bath for at least 18 minutes.
4. Drain the bath, reserving a cup or so of the infused water (and the Lodestones).
5. Carry the Lodestones with you or place them where you do the majority of your work: computer desk, artist studio, kitchen…etc…).
6. Sprinkle the INFUSED WATER over the entrances and thresholds of your business area, in corners, behind doors – anywhere you would cross or where the energy could be stagnant.

**If you do not wish to take a bath, place the Basil, Lodestones and 3 cups of Water in a non-metal container for 3 days. Carry out steps 5 & 6.**

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