Need some fast money? Give this spell a try! 

A spell from: “Gypsy Magic For The Prosperity’s Soul” By Allie Theiss
The Best Time

Cast this spell when the moon is waxing or full.

The Best Day

Incense To Use (choose one)
Frankincense, Rosemary, Attract Fast Money, Attract Wealth (last 2 receipes in book)

Herbs To Use
Lemon (juice), Powder Sugar

Oils To Use (choose one)
Ginger or Patchouly

Other Supplies Needed
One Red Pouch, Paper, Pen (green ink), Seven Coins, Seven Beans, One Charcoal Block, One Fireproof Bowl (non-metal)

• Gather supplies

• Meditate on the desired outcome – clear your mind and focus on what you want to accomplish.

With your PEN, write on the PAPER the AMOUNT of money you need. Under this amount write URGENT.

Anoint the PAPER with the OIL of your choice. Place the PAPER into the RED POUCH.

Anoint each COIN with the OIL as you visualize money winging its way to you. Place each COIN into the RED POUCH.

Anoint each BEAN with the OIL as you visualize money winging its way to you. Place each BEAN into the RED POUCH.

Carry the RED POUCH with you until the money arrives.

(Red is used instead of Green because the color red is for manifestation)

Gypsy Magic for the Prosperity’s Soul © 2005 by Allie Theiss.

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