Atlantis,Todd and Time!

Atlantis,Todd and Time!

Happy April! Wow – where does the time go? Probably with the missing pair to my socks. You put both parts of the pair of socks into the laundry – when it’s all said and done some of the pairs are missing. So where do they go?

Do you ever feel like that about life? Where did the time go? Where did this go — where did that go? I used to think it all the time.Questioned why time seemed to be slipping by me. Then I discovered why I felt that way–I wasn’t living in the true present. Although by all purposes I was in the “now” my mind wasn’t in agreement. So the next time it feels like time has past you by -take stock on where your thoughts are –in the past? Hoping on the future? Or in the present where you can control your time?

I have a few hot buttons in life – child abusers, animal abusers, partner abusers, liars, thieves, cheats, ego-manics and deceivers. Lately I’ve run into some self-help gurus whose “self-help” helps themselves. Let me explain…

Over the past 2 months I have discovered some really good gurus. Their web sites are informative, books provide helpful info and their newsletters have some useful nuggets. These same people have free webinars to promote their top ____ tips on how to help you _______.

In each webinar the gurus list a couple full tips — the then rest of the tips were 1/2 there saying if you get my ______ course you’ll learn even more! Then my inbox got bombarded with emails telling me to hurry up and purchase their program so I can succeed. So you see – their free webinars had nothing to do with helping me — and had everything to do with helping them.

Now if they listed their free webinar as listen for my free tips as I tell you about my great _____program. That would have been different. Deceiving people……irks me.

6 more actual class day (3 weeks) of school left with my 30 pg paper due during finals week. Almost done….

And thank God since yesterday as I was chatting with Kanica it dawned me something new to write about for TV – Atlantis. If there’s one thing I know – yet keep striving to learn more about -is Atlantis. I have countless notes on the place–plus I’m going to go have a session with Max the Crystal Skull in May — and another past life regression about Atlantis in May.

As soon as that idea popped into my head, so did Todd. His energy is back to being very strong like I wrote about in OBE sex blog today. Along with a warm fuzzy feeling:)

When I focus in on Todd – I get visions of future events mostly as opposed to getting both past and future like I did with Bill, Ted, Will and Vincent. I’m not sure why. I know darn well he and I have had plenty of past lives together — back to Atlantis and Pleiades. But so far I haven’t been able to access them. Granted — I have tried all that hard. But I’d like to if only to get a better look at myself in past lives. Maybe when I get my Atlantis past life I can ask to also look in at Todd and I. I like that idea.

Time to go watch some Sanctuary.

Have a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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