Atlantis, Will And Psychic Parties!

Atlantis, Will And Psychic Parties!

I went outside my comfort zone last night – and I’m glad I did. Over the last couple of years I have done parties where I go to the party and do readings for the guests. But it’s always been for friends – and obviously I knew people there before I showed up. Well last night I did a party for a woman that I had never met. I had a great time. Some were skeptical of having a “psychic” there – while others were cool or intrigued by it. I did meet a couple of people who listen to my podcast, which was cool. Oddly enough – after the party was over and there were just a few people left – Ethan wanted me to show them who Will is. I have no idea why – but I did anyways. I think that I may add to my web site a page on hiring me to do parties. Although I think it would be smart to bring someone with me if I feel it warrants it.

The Art Of Divination e-class starts today. There’s still time to sign up if you’re interested!

The Darin/Raisin saga seems to be working itself out — ever so slowly. No one is trying to kill anyone and Darin is no longer hiding under the bed. BTW — Darin here is the aggressor — Raisin is just tickled to sleep on my bed.

The writing on DREAMERS is coming along. As well as the OBE sex book. I had been thinking about spending more time on Keen (or really I should say just time period) but my guides keep telling me to write. I keep reminding them that I have to pay the bills. They remind me that there will be enough money to do what I have to do — just write and trust in what I am doing is what I’m supposed to be doing! SIGH.

I was thinking last night – I like my life. I mean I really like it. I think that it’s the 1st time I’ve ever said that. Sure things can get tough – but that’s a part of life. I’m at peace with myself and grateful for what I have – not always wishing to have what is out of my reach. Besides – the only drama in my life now is when I turn on LOST or CSI:) Plus – my son is really the only other drama I want:)

BTW – in case you didn’t hear, Heath Ledger’s death was ruled an accidental overdose – just as I thought. His state when he came to me after his death was a “oh shit” type of thing — not that I’m sad and I wanted to die thing. I hope that his family can heal now.

Have you ever drank CoffeeMate without the coffee? You would have had to watch “10 Items of Less” to get that:)

Do any of you belong to Bebo? I just joined:

A little bit ago, Edward stopped by to talk to me. He wanted to expand on the Atlantis reveal that came about with Will the other day. He showed me that despite what has been written about Atlantis, it was overseen by a counsel of 13 women – with one of those women being “in charge”. Men wanted a bigger say in the dealings of Atlantis – one of the biggest voices was Will. He pushed to have 14 members with more men on the board – half female and half male. It would not happen. So a civil war erupted. Before things got out of hand – two things happened: the secrets were placed into the crystal skulls and the record of Atlantis was placed in the time capsule. Then – of course – things went out of hand. Ted sided with me and the women (as did many men) but Bill went with Will. Will was in charge of the “other side” and his magical abilities enabled him to have a firm control. When Atlantis faded from view – Will realized the severity of his errors. But by then it was too late. It was either push forward with the status quo or disappear. So he disappeared. The next person in charge put the hit out on me, Ted and the children. That next person in charge was my ex husband (as in the second, not the first). When Will learned what had happened, he vowed to spend eternity making it up to me and children as a whole. Then he killed himself.

This is why in the past life where he was burned at the stake (instead of me) he was keeping with his soul’s promise — and he still is in this lifetime. Although when I am to be by his side as he dies, I am to tell his soul that the debt has been repaid — this way his soul can be at peace. It also explains the way my ex and I interacted with one another – and why his purpose with me was to give me a child. Heck- I could have been divorced 7 years ago!

Now it makes sense – to a point. But better than it was before.

Back to work I go!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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