Atlantis, the Fishbowl and Change!

Atlantis, the Fishbowl and Change!

I am immediately taken into a large – human – size fishbowl. My guide Robert stands there with a grin on his face. For some reason, I cannot help but to smile myself. Why are you so happy – I ask? Are you ready – he says. For what? I ask. He lets out a very deep and soulful laugh. For the fishbowl of course – he replies. Can one ever be ready? No, not really he says – but you had better get used to it. Why – am I jumping in? Head first – he replies.

Any hint on what’s coming my way? He shrugs — your dreams, he says with a smile. I have a lot of dreams – can you narrow it down? Again – he laughs. Good to know I’m so funny. Robert replies – the important ones.

He keeps laughing and grinning like a nerdy high school boy who was just asked by the head cheerleader to help her with her homework.

Now I’m in a cave. I know this cave – it is where Bill, Ted, and I hid some stones from Atlantis. I look over to my right and Bill is approaching me. He has a crystal in his hand and looks rather excited. I found it he says. Found what? The timekeeper. I know how to unlock the temple now – we can pass. He grabs my hand – come on.

We are in the midst of a large crystal structure. The floor looks inlaid with Amethyst. The walls are very cool to touch, but it is not cold here – instead the chamber is warm – teetering on hot. We go to the center and Bill taps a part of the floor with his bare foot. A crystal cylinder arises from the floor. He takes the crystal that he holds – says watch this – and places it in a hole in the center. The center of the cylinder lowers and the crystal is gone. I hear a low humming noise. Bill grabs my hands – his hands are very hot and sweaty. I swear I can feel his heart pounding in excitement. I hear a “whoosh” and the smell of stale air. I look where I heard the noise and one of the crystal walls lowered. Bill hurries me inside. In it are three long tube-like beds. They are made of crystal, but they are also inlaid with Rhodachrosite, Lapis, Sugilite, Moldavite, Moonstone, Larimair, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and a Rose Quartz. I’m looking at this and it is the same type of stones that are in my wand.

He climbs in one and tells me to do the same. He’s excited – I’m, well, nervous. I get on the one next to him. All of a sudden Ted appears. Bill says – good , you made it. Ted says – I’m not about to miss this. I’m like – miss what? Bill and Ted lie down, and want me to do the same. When I do – there is an immediate high-voltage current that shoots through all of our bodies. My mind feels like it is on fire – so many images falsh before me that it is like a movie is on super fast forward. I can hear more “whooshes” and hear doors slide open.

One image in mind is very vivid: We three are sitting at a table talking about going after and finding Atlantis. We know we can find it. But its going to be difficult and dangerous. We will have to step away from our current careers to do this and we don’t know. Especially since we all have children. Ted says that I need to bring my son along. That he is a key of some sort. A heavenly light child. He will lead the way. With his childlike mind – he can see and sense things we can’t. But I don’t want to take him. I don’t care what we could find – I won’t put him in danger. They are saying something to the effect that he will not be in danger as the two of them would guard him with their lives. That I know with all of my heart is true.

This scene fades from view as they continue to go on. The next thing I know – the three separate chambers we are lying in form into one big chamber. Now the two of them lie on either side of me. They each grab my hand and ask me if I am ready. Ready for what – I ask. I hear Bill say – this. Then I have a sensation of flying, fast, straight up – each are still holding onto my hands. I see billions of lights and colors.

Then I’m done.

Thsi one sent shivers down my spine!! Still is!

There is a part of me that is getting – really, really nervous and excited. I can sense that I’m just about to fall over the edge…..

Now the question is will I land on something to break my fall, or flat on my face? As always – time will tell!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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