Atlantis, The Crystal Cavern and My 3 Stone Pendant!

Atlantis, The Crystal Cavern and My 3 Stone Pendant!

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I wish I could describe this feeling that is all over my body. My face feels – light – if that at all makes sense. I feel very airy, light illuminated as if my life is going to transform today – some how. My hair stands up on my arms, energy zaps through me like I’m a electrical conductor. I’m being pulled into a session early – very early. But first I’m instructed to sit a bit with my Malibu stone (the one I intuitively know is for Bill) and blow my breath onto it. The stone wants to absorb my breath. This is all very weird and yet exhilarating.

I’m on a front porch – the porch appears white with a porch swing off to my left. To my right is a bench and behind me is a screen door. The original door is open so that one can look inside. I look into the yard and I can see that I’m on a hill. I have green roiling, hills below me until they reach a dense tree line. In the gravel/dirt drive sits an SUV – steering wheel is on the right side. I can see sheep off to my right. I’m holding a cup of coffee in my hands – blue mug. I sit down on the porch step and I can hear the squeak of the screen door open – it’s Bill. He sits down next to me, cup of tea in his hand – kisses me on my cheek and hands me a paper. He says – this just came for you. I take a sip of my coffee and almost choke as I read the paper. “I” can’t see what I’m looking at. But the look on my face is that of complete and utter disbelief. He pushes my hair from my face and tells me that he’s proud of me. Tears fall down my face.

I can see us at an outdoor cafe. It’s the one I always seem to go to – in what I believe to be New Zealand. Bill and I are bundled in coats and hats. I can see our breath, but we really don’t seem to mind the cold.

I’m now in nothing – no landscape, no clouds – just nothing…like an abyss. I sit on some unseen object. A woman approaches me – bathed in a brilliant light. She sits next to me. I ask her who she is. She tells me that she is the Goddess Coventina. She waves her hand and there is an ocean in front of us. Two dolphins arrive. She tells me to hold on to the dolphins. I ask if she is coming with me. She smiles and replies that she is always with me, all I have to do is to call her name. I go into the water – it’s neither hot nor cold – but just right. I grab onto their fins and we go under. I worry that I cannot breathe – but I can. We go through a cave, come up through an opening. I see a great white city. I know that this is Atlantis – from an angle that I don’t remember visiting before. I climb out and walk along a path. It is very quiet. I enter into a temple. It is made from crystal and moonstone. Oddly enough – there is a pattern in the floor from Amethyst – this pattern is what I wear around my neck and is a symbol for trinity. Every other block (like a checker board) this symbol rests. It is very reenergized here. I love to the center and there is a stone block. I place my hands on it and the top moves back – scaring the crap out of me. If I look inside I can see stairs. I climb down and now I’m in an underground tunnel that is lit by torches. I get to the end and there is a half wall. On the other side of the wall is water. I climb into the water and notice a door or something like that below. I take a breath and dive. Find a door and see a round circle. I place my hand on the plate and a door/piece of stone pulls inward. I swim through the door – it shuts behind me.

I see top water – so I swim to the surface. When I do – I look around and I’m in my crystal cavern! I look to my right and Bill hits top water. Both of our guides Catherine and Abraham appear on shore.

With that I’m done.

And during the session that light feeling (especially on my face) went away. But as soon as I was done – it came back. I want to smile. The corners of my mouth literally want to turn upwards – for no apart physical reason and smile. How odd is this?

My headaches – knock on wood – are gone for the present. But I keep having that annoying shaking.

I was instructed yesterday to alter my 3 stone pendant. I had to take out the moonstone and add in an amethyst. I’m not sure why. But this usually signals a change. So now it’s Herkimer diamond, amethyst and emerald.

Ted’s been pretty much front and center today. I remember briefly having a dream visit with him last night and the word “boulder” kept coming up. Not sure if that is the town of Boulder or an actually rock = boulder.

Have a great day!

Until later….

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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