Atlantis, The Crystal Cave And Symbols!

Atlantis, The Crystal Cave And Symbols!

I hope you guys had a good week, last week. Me? I spent time with my son and went to a family gathering. I also got stung by a bee – ouch! Last time that happened I was 9 – I just rediscovered that I’m not allergic:)

I worked a lot on the Gypsy Magic books over the weekend, as well as making good head way with Kyra – the gypsy teen. All is moving along. I finally was able to go over that block with Kyra – about how to direct book one – what gifts 1st, how does she go on her path, etc…..

My niece is back in the hospital again, can’t keep anything down, not even liquids. Poor thing – she’s just a touch over 2 and this is her 4th stay at a hospital. She almost made it home yesterday – but threw up right as she was getting discharged.

Did I mention that my sister (the one who just moved home from CA) got a job with United as a flight attendant. She’s pretty excited. There’s still the 7 weeks of training, but it’s in Chicago and she just loves that city!

I have a boat load of items to get done today so I’d better jump into a session if I am going to do one.

This session was out of the ordinary for me – never had this before. I sat with one of my ajoite included messina quartz……

I entered immediately into the crystal cave. Bill and Ted were waiting for me. We brought out our diary’s and began to discuss our dreams – I was mentioning my school and herbal class when we heard a woman’s voice tell us to get into the water. It hit me then that there was a door underneath that all 3 of us had to be present for in order to use. We dive in and go to the door, which is on the right side of the lake. Each of placed a palm on the door and it went in with ease.

We emerged into what looked like a private bathhouse. A person high on the social class scale lived here, with various stones all around. The bathhouse itself appeared to be made out of crystal and moonstone.

This is where it gets funky We all get out and I’m drawn to a wall. I go to it and see a bunch of symbols. I can hear in my head to write these down, and I do. I copied what what I wrote down into Paint:

The 1st set to the left remind me of Egyptian. The item in the 4th picture is a man holding out what appeared to me to be of a box with 3 balls – but I can’t draw:). I saw four pyramids deep in the heart of a jungle. The third one from the back appears to be a map room of sorts. It is a map of the city that was here -but put in a part of that map is this item which reminds me of an item Indian Jones used in the 1st movie. The middle portion is crystal with the vertical piece being amber. When placed in the correct spot on the equinox – another map of Atlantis will over lay, showing where the connection lies between the two places.

Then I could see all three of us, one at a time, staring into a crystal plate – this plate was taking a print of our soul and matching it with the soul’s who are allowed to enter. And then all disappeared and I was back.

Now I have never gone into a vision, been somewhere and was told to write down symbols. So this must be important. It is good to know that only the ones who are supposed to find Atlantis, will find Atlantis and that there were safeguards in place.

I understand what the runic like symbols were telling me – they read right to left: Confusion – failed communications, a journey for connections, standstill – a rest, total disruption, standstill again, a wait as things fall into place, partnership, giving up the old ways of life. If I apply this to our lives now — we are at a point where we are waiting as things fall into place.

And on that note — I must get back to work!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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