Atlantis, Ted And Healing!

Atlantis, Ted And Healing!

Happy New Year Everyone!! What a blur — the last 10 days or so. When my son is home it is just a whirlwind of activity and electricity. Very hard to get any time alone long enough for a mediation. Just getting readings in was a trick:) But all is going back to normal – thank goodness. He goes back to school tomorrow (Wed) and the hubster is back to work. So fingers crossed that I can start to get caught up. Email? A living hell:) I’ll turn 40 in May before I’m caught up!

Bill has been showing up during dream time. Last night I can remember him wanting to teach me how to horseback ride. He and another man, I don’t know who, were arguing on who was going to take me out and teach me how to ride. While they bickered I groomed the horse and then went inside a very modern looking house. In fact, it was the same house where I saw Ted many dream visits back where he was waiting for me by the door and we walked outside.

Last week I had a flash vision of Bill arguing with me about Will. Something along the lines that he couldn’t believe that I would even consider going with Will. I asked Bill what the problem was as I didn’t see him picking up the phone any time soon so that we could chat. He shakes his head and says – oh ye of little faith. I tell him I have plenty of faith, it’s patience that has tread thin.

I want to see if I can put myself into a session this evening, let’s see what happens. I held my healing wand, it’s been awhile and I had forgotten how much I love to feel the energy of it zap my hands. I am immediately taken in front of a large white structure with two tall white crystal towers. but the towers look more like to massive crystals than two towers like you would see in the movies. I can see people milling about. I see myself in a white flowing dress with a rich blue cloak over it. People are being very respectful and receptive as I walk by. I move over to a small pool of water. It appears to be in a basin of crystal with a small waterfall running into it. In my right hand I carry a small crystal challis – I dip it into the water and drink the cool, refreshing liquid.

I can hear some one say – psst – via telepathy. I glance about and it is Ted, he waves me over. We duck into a healing room and he tells me that he is sick and in need of my services. He explains what is wrong – a growth in his right lung, in the back at the bottom. I am very worried and voice my thoughts on how if the council found out he was sick — I didn’t need to go any further as we both knew it meant banishment or even death. I tell him telepathically that I must go and find Bill as this is too much for me to handle. He begs me – no — no one must know this but me. As he takes off his cloak and tunic, I have a vision of him asking me for healing again – but in the very far future- and that it wouldn’t be until after great suffering as no one would believe me when I called for help. He reads my thoughts and says that I’d better remember what I am doing then so that I can apply it later – and for me to please be persistent in the future. With my back still to him I add a red jasper to water and I place it on I think is an “energizer” so that it gets a powerful dosage of sunlight. I take this energized water, take out the red jasper and place this special dirt into the challis (this was the same one I drank from earlier) and make a muddy paste.

I turn around to apply the paste to Ted’s right side when I gasp — his back is covered in welts, many of then recent. He hears me catch my breath and asks me not to worry. But I read his thoughts and I can se Bill having him flogged. I am beyond shocked and upset. He begs me to block out my thoughts so that Bill does not know and please do not say anything. Since I know Bill can read me like a book – I quickly placed the shield around my thoughts – Ted did the same. This forced us to verbalize. I promised him I would not say anything as we both knew the next beating he would get could be his last. He voiced his concern about Bill hanging out with the deserters – he called them – and how he was turning away from the great healing work. We both agreed that the time was upon us to get the children out of the city to someplace safe.

With the energized mud in place, I slipped two crystal wands over my middle fingers on both hands. The wands were secured by silver rings. I was able to fully extend my hands, palms down and move the crystals through Ted’s energy fields. I could shift the energy where I felt the cold spots and even out his energy layers. He would moan at times in pain, but then it would shift and he would sigh in relief.

And that was all I saw — and I was done.

This scene had to be in Atlantis and right before the parting of ways where Bill went off with the husband I have in today’s world and where Ted and I ran off with the children. Then we all meet up for that horrible horrible time where me, Bill, Ted and all the children die.

I’ll be interested to hear when Ted calls for my help in this current life. No doubt about it, when he does get a hold of me I will be on the first plane to London or to any place else he might be.

Have a great evening!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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