Atlantis, Ted, A Circle And A Triangle!

Atlantis, Ted, A Circle And A Triangle!

I woke up this morning to feel Ted’s breath on my face. It was shocking and comforting at the same time. I always wonder how that can be — how can I bring someone from my dreams into the reality plane or are my dreams actually the reality plane and what I think is reality is actually my dreams? Or could it be that Ted exists on the dream plane and in the reality plane simultaneously? Many have a theory that there is no past-present-future…only NOW…with all three happening at once on different planes of existence. This got me to thinking — what if I am involved with Ted, Bill and Will on three different planes and I have tapped into my eternal energy — and now since I am aware of it, that I am consciously aware of the feeling and emotions associated wit those three lifetimes as well as this lifetime and this is why sometimes the day-to-day living can be so damn difficult? It can be hard to live with the emotions and feelings of people who are not physically in your current life. I used to think it was a burden, carrying that all around. But now I realize it is a gift — it is a blessing to know that no matter what — I am never really alone…none of us are. And that is a definite blessing.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what happened to have Ted make this shift back into my energy field. Well, I shouldn’t say back….he is always there and the connection is one that is solid, strong and does not waver (just as with Bill and Will) – but it takes a lot of conscious energy to transmit enough signal to be forefront in a person’s mind. It’s not an easy thing to do and it does take considerable effort. Not that the connection itself is effort – but to push forth so much of one’s own energy in order to get another person’s energy to react. It’s draining and that is why it is always important that when you are in a relationship with another person that you keep being separate people as well as working/living in unison. To put forth that kind of effort to be that connect to another being drains you so much that a person can be susceptible to a range of illnesses. So if a connection like this is something that you want to push – make sure it is done in small doses. And it is good to note that if the person who is receiving all your energy does not know how to channel it properly (this is something that I am still working on — not easy at all) then the extra energy can clog their mind to such an extent that they feel powerless to do anything but sit there and think about you.

I want to do a quick session before I start my day. I am immediately whisked away to the bottom of what appears to be a pyramid. Bill, Ted and I are in a small room. I can see symbols of flowing water, the sun, a triangle, two men and one woman with the woman out front – servants or just people are on their knees in front of her. I can also see 3 dots and the all-seeing eye. It’s fuzzy, but I make out the woman from a previous scene with something in her hand and is putting it over a fire – the object turns to steam and then I see the two men holding a vial of something. We are looking at the symbols and Bill pulls out a leather book. On the front it has a triangle with a circle inside of it and on the back it’s reversed – the circle with the triangle inside of it. He opens the book and we’re talking about what we think the symbols mean – they deal with Atlantis. On the next wall we can see a symbol of a chest, there are rolls and stones/crystals from what I can make out sticking out from it. The three people are there again placing a lid on it. The box floats in the center of them and in the next scene it is just the three of them alone. Ted says something and we look at the other wall – this is when we realize that the chamber we are in is shaped like a triangle with three walls and a pointed roof. Ted is commenting on the symbols around the door of dead bodies, a war scene when we heard a snap – like one of us stepped on something and the door shut. We look down at our feet and it appears that all three of us are standing on three separate pressure points. Of course the door will not go up.

We discussed briefly on what would have happened if just one or two of us stood on the pressure points without the third. But we couldn’t tell if anything would come from the walls. So we sat there and I comment — where’s Indiana Jones when you need him? I got a small chuckle from that. The guys are looking around to see how we could get out…when I look at the floor. There is a triangle with 3 dots on it. I look at the room, back down at the floor and notice that the 3 dots are positioned at the same local as the corners of the room. I tell the guys to come here and each stand on a dot. We hold hands….that is when I notice that we have created a triangle within the circle on the floor and if you take the whole room into account…the circle is within a triangle. So since the triangle within the circle appeared on the back of the book that Bill has, it reasoned with me that this was the way for us to get out.

We sit on the ground, hand in hand. And I relate that the people on the walls must be us — well “us” but the essence of us in the Atlantis life. Our souls hid the Records Of Atlantis and only our souls can get it back — thereby getting us out of this room. We knew that we had to tap into the inner us for the answers – our souls had the key, not our human minds/body. So that’s what we did, let our minds go and traveled within. I have no clue what happened next besides a bright light and the door opened. But when we went to look out the door we were no longer in the pyramid – but it was all white. Before any of us could go through the door to see what lay beyond, the session was terminated.

How interesting. I had been seeing a triangle in a circle and a circle in a triangle now for several days and last night I kept drawing the symbols, it was like a sudden obsession to write them everywhere. Now I know why.

Time to get back to work!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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