Atlantis, Soul Circle and New Site!

Atlantis, Soul Circle and New Site!

Here we are at the new blog! It feel strange not to be plugging away over at Blogger. Now Allie’s Two Cents, Out of Body Ecstasy, and Gypsy Magic will be up in their entirety for the next several weeks. Not everything that was in those three blogs made it here. I chopped out a lot of personal items as well as magic not pertaining to love, sex or relationships. So if there is something you want out of those blogs, I’d snag it soon if I were you.

From the start of Oct until today, astrologically speaking that whatever we spent most of our time thinking about will be our lives for the next 29.5 years. I have tried very hard to be positive, along with writing and creating this web site. I’m hoping my next 29.5 years are filled with helping people with sex, love and relationships along with still writing about Atlantis/Dreamers.

My Atlantis/Dreamer novel is going great. I’m on target for my daily word count. I’m supposed to write 1667 words a day in order to get 50,000 by the end of November. I’m in chapter 3 and it’s starting to gel. I’ve never been able to write a novel before because i’m too self-critical. So I gave myself permission to write whatever it is in my head – and not worry about spelling, grammar, punctuation and description. That I’ll take care of once the whole novel is written – which my goal is to have it all done by January. Then I’ll spend more time editing it – have someone do a developmental edit and then a line edit. Once that is all done, I’ll send it off to a couple of publishers that take submissions from non-represented authors.

Once that goes out, then I’ll get on the sexual energy book. I want the first draft to be done by March. Edit it, etc…by May and send it off. Then it’ll be OBE sex time. Have it done by August. It’ll all work. In between books I hope I’ll hear yay or nay from the publishers.

As you look around the new site (and I hope you do), you’ll notice that some entries have BLISS in the title – and when you click on it, you’re taken to a Bliss Membership page. That is because part of this site is a paid membership. For $1 for the 1st month and $4.95/month afterwards, you get access to in depth articles on love, romance, relationships, sex and OBE. Plus you get to ask question in the new Ask Allie Q & A and be able to attend the Virtual Toy Parties.

Now back to the men — after all – this is a love & sex site now!

If you go back through the entries you’ll read about Ben, Rick and Todd. Well the last couple of days, Ben has been right in my face. Not in a mean way. It is like he has had a spiritual breakthrough that science cannot logically explain to him. He’s looking for logic where none exists. That’s the one thing about spiritual breakthroughs is that they cannot be explained by science or logic. I know, I’ve tried and tried and tried. There’s a part of him, I believe, that is reaching out to me for some sort of explanation. I can’t give him a one. I can give him my version of what I think is going on, but his version is what means something to him.

When you have a breakthrough, who do you confide in? Anyone? Or do you keep it to yourself. I still cannot believe I kept Bill to myself for over 2 years. I was paranoid to tell anyone. Even now, when something happens, I still do not just run and tell someone. It has to happen a few times, then I test the water by telling a person or two. If they do not laugh their ass off, then I MAY post it in the blog.

With Ben there is a sensuality and an intimacy that does not cross the sexual line. It’s comfortable without being boring. He’s like a foundation that I know would be supportive through thick and thin. I like people like that, they are a rarity.

Crystal Sunshine!

Allie 🙂

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