I finally broke down and purchased a regression CD from Dick Sutphen that focuses specially on Atlantis and Lemuria. After my husband went to work, I moved my cats off my bed (not an easy task), shut the door and settled in for the regression. He takes you back quite nicely and easily with the only speedbumps being my persistent cough. But even after a cough fit – I still felt relaxed. You are to imagine a tunnel and on his count of 5 you step into and move through the tunnel, landing in Atlantis at 1.

I emerged dressed all in white robes. Very regal like with no undergarments on. The front was very low cut and it didn’t seem to matter to anyone if my breasts were hanging out or not. No one gave them any attention either way:) On my head was a silverish crown, encrusted with crystals and a large crystal up front. In my hands I held a crystal bowl with a silvery substance in it. I’m in a healing temple – it is all white, with a large crystal roof in the shape of a pyramid. In the center, a HUGE triangular crystal emits strong rays of energy through the temple.

I glide over (didn’t feel like a walk) to a man who was in a crystal bed. The sun shone brightly through the crystal roof and illuminated all of the patients. I had a assistant tending to the patients needs as I mumbled a prayer and rubbed this silvery substance on the middle of his forehead and on his chest. The consistency of the substance reminds me of ice cream that is just starting to get soft. To the touch it felt like silk. I can see why Doreen Virtue mentioned that this substance was made from Mercury as indeed it does look and feel like I would imagine Mercury would feel like. However, this substance is not of this earth – but of another planetary system. On earth, it would remind me of the stone Hematite, melted down. Because this was for a male, the substance was energized by the sun.

High above, a woman lie in a crystal bed. I say high above because all of the beds appear to float at different heights, depending on the sickness – some needed closer to the sun and the moon than others. When I knew I needed the woman, the man’s bed elevated and the woman came down to the ground. The assistant handed me a different silvery substance that was charged for the moon for the woman. As I said a prayer, I rubbed this substance on her pelvic reign. I also took two crystals and placed them over her ovaries.

To talk to one another we didn’t actually speak as we speak today. Instead all of our communications were via telepathic communications. I could hear myself being summed by Bill – only he wasn’t Bill in this lifetime, his name was a sound, as was mine. One minute I’m in the temple and the next I am in the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. In the middle of it, Bill is there in deep meditation. He is clothed all in white robes, and he too has a crown on his head. From what I can understand, how I got there was through teleportation – like in Star Trek. But it wasn’t a machine or computer that moved me – it was my mind. Bill communicates to me a healing formula that he wants me to take back and try on a very sick patient. I wish I could remember what he said – but I can’t.

I go back to the temple and Ted (his name is also a sound and he is dressed like Bill and I) is tending to a woman who appears to be having heart problems. He has on her heart a crystal. On her charkas, he has stones to represent each color. In one hand she has a crystal and in the other an amethyst. Ted is using sound from crystals to help heal her. The sound is high pitch, but very soothing. He knew I stood behind him – but he wouldn’t break his concentration to the patient.

Before I could move to the sick patient, it was time for me to come out of the regression. One thing that I didn’t get to explore – but I instinctively knew was that there was no marriage per say. Everyone who was of an adult age gave and received love freely. We all lived in commune type colonies with the high priests and high priestess living in their own colony, in a housing area of white stone and crystal. Our colony was set high above everyone else – built into a side of a mountain.

Had I not coughed during this whole experience, I might of learned more in this session. When I asked how to get rid of this cough – it was shown to me to combine olive oil and eucalyptus leaves and place in my neck. I may give it a try.

Off to go get my son from preschool. It is sooooooo nice here today! Lot’s of sunshine!

Until tomorrow…


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  1. Atara

    Hi! Allie,

    1. What food did you eat back in Atlantis?

    2. “different silvery substance” for woman, Can you describe more about it ? was it not from this earth also ?

    3 What place did Priest/Priestess (not high priest/priestess) lived? and ordinary Atlanteans ?

    Thank you Very much !

    1. Hi Atara!

      1. Don’t remember (yet).

      2. It too was not from Earth. But what made it different from the male version is the female version was charged in the full moon. Male version was charge in the sun at noon. The consistency was still of melting ice cream, but how it felt in my hands was like Liquid Silk Lubricant.

      3. Priest/Priestess lived in a commune setting with each having his or her own rounded home.

      Hope that helps!

      Take care,

      Allie 😉

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