Atlantis, Eternal Love and Flower Essences!

Atlantis, Eternal Love and Flower Essences!

Someone has been trying to pull me into a session since I woke up this morning. I know who this someone is – it’s Ted. Let’s go see what he wants…..

I enter into a vast hallway. There are many doors on each side of the hall. The hallway is old looking – deep wood floors, a red runner down the center. Wooden tables with flowers on either side. The walls are also red – it’s like a red cloth wall paper – feels like velvet on the raised portions. The doors and their trim are white. Down at the end of the hall is a double white door – I open them and enter into a WOW kind of bedroom. Very large, lavish. A four-poster bed – lots of pillows on it. A lounge chair, fireplace, balcony. I glance over to my right and there is Ted.

He flashes me that smile that I swear makes my knees weak every damn time. He says to me – I told you I would win. He holds out a glass of champagne. I ask him – win what. He leans down and says – you of course. And plants a kiss that makes my toes curl in and out of this session!

I tell him I’m not a contest to win. He says – but yes you are. You are the ultimate prize – you are eternal love and this time you are mine. No I tell him (and I set down the glass) I’m not yours -I’m not his either. I’m with both of you. His face gets angry. He sits down his drink and takes a deep breath. He grabs my hands – runs his thumbs over the top of my hands.

He looks at me – his eyes brim with tears. He says: You are the love of my existence. Not only do you have my heart, but my soul. I’m not as good with words as he is – so bear with me.

He takes a deep breath and continues: I’ve loved you since the beginning of time. I have loved no one else – ever – no matter what lifetime, no matter what has happened. I have loved you and only you. You are my reason for breathing, for feeling, for living. Not only are you my heart, but you are also my lungs, my blood, my life-force. Without you I am nothing. This is our lifetime – my life to take care of you. This isn’t for Bill. He is not to be yours. He cannot give you what I can – he won’t. Not in this life.

He brushes my hair back from my face. Pushes away the tears that flow down my face.

He goes on: So you see – in my heart I”ve won. I’ve won the chance to prove my love for you. Not to hide it – but to shout it to the world.

He puts his face right in front of mine – our lips are almost touching. He says – Let me love you. He gives me the deepest, most passionate kiss that I can ever remember having.

I’m trembling as I wrote that – and as I stood there listening to him. The energy rush that is going through me is not like any other I have ever felt. I’m still trembling.

Ted breaks the kiss – he is crying now. He gets down on his knees and places his cheek on my stomach – wraps his arms around me. He sobs – deep, emotional filled sobs.

Off by the bed I can see Bill emerge from the wall. He looks to be in spirit form as he is not solid. He smiles at me and mouths – I love you too. He blows me a kiss and disappears back into the wall.

Then I wake up.

God – Ted was nothing but raw emotion. It’s so hard to describe the look in his eyes – but it was a deep, soulful look. Like I could look within and not only see – but feel- the depths of his love for me. It was all-consuming – very intense.

I’ve put together a new flower essence combo based on what my guides told me to do. I didn’t question – I just used the ones they told me to with the amounts they gave me. After I took it yesterday – I kept getting images of Atlantis. Of how we are supposed to find it. Almost like finding a lost treasure, we left clues for us to follow in the future (now) so that we could retrace our steps. I know this so far – it deals first with Egypt – I have to look for my trinity symbol.

This is as far as I’ve gotten so far.

Now last night I saw the number 444 as it was 4:44 when I looked at the clock. I thought to myself – what does that mean?

So much information coming at me at once. My dreams were full of me traveling. I hope that I can absorb it all!

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Have a great day!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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