Atlantis, Ben and Glass Half Full!

Atlantis, Ben and Glass Half Full!

My son thinks I’m crazy. Coming from a 10 yr old I don’t know if I should be pleased or upset. lol. I asked him why he thought I was crazy. He sat quiet for a moment and said – because mom you see life differently than my friend’s moms do.


So I had to ask — what makes you say that?

He replied – because mom no matter what, you always think things will get better.

Me – and do they?

Him – well….we’re still broke. But we’re not homeless.

Me – exactly…and that’s a good thing that we’re not homeless.

He went on to tell me that two of his friends were moving when school let out because they lost their homes. Three more moved during the school year because of the same reason. He’s happy that I do my best to look at the glass as half full.

I told him that it takes practice and discipline to do that — and it’s not always an easy thing to do. So he promised that starting today he’d do that. Providing I didn’t think he was crazy for doing so. I assured him he wasn’t crazy 🙂

I’m continuing my work on Atlantis – although moving very slow. And my work on the flash spell book. I think before I know it I will have my 1001 flash spells complete. At least I hope before I know it!

Back in Feb I introduced another guy from my group named Ben. He’s the rough and tumble sarcastic cowboy type of guy. After that one time I wrote about him, he came to me in another dream and asked me not to mention him again until the time is right. Well – he disappeared after that night and came back in April. Now all of a sudden he wants me to mention him again.

Last night we had a dream visit. It started like most of them do with him. Kicked back – this time at a bonfire on the beach at night. I remember talking about Atlantis. I was tossing around ideas from him. All of a sudden he freaks out — starts yelling that this isn’t going as it is supposed to. I think I said WTF is he talking about?

He goes on saying that he’s heard me and he doesn’t know that when I write about Ben I’m writing about him. He’s supposed to know it’s him so that he makes the next move. What move (is of course my question)? To contact you! He yelling and pacing. I thought to myself — he’s taking this a bit to the extreme. So I woke myself up. Yes – that’s right I woke myself up out of the dream visit.

He was getting so worked up and I knew that the longer he ranted about this – the more upset he would get. So I pulled the plug. I wonder if he woke up ranting? Any who – this has got to be a first when the guy is impatient that things are going to slow and as the result we haven’t physically talked.

Now before Ben went all impatient on me – the dream before that I was in Atlantis. There were these tubes made out of a metal I have no clue what it was — and in the tube there was light – which was a power source. I followed the tubes back until I came to a huge waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall were huge blocks of crystal. Beyond the crystals in the pool I guess you  could call it – were filters that the charged water flowed through — with the charge – being the light and then pushed into the metal tubes. I don’t quite get it all – but it was very very cool.

I will be on Keen this weekend if anyone is interested in chatting with me: 1-800-ASK-KEEN ext – 01948941. If you want some free minutes – let me know!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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