Atlantis and Lemuria!

Atlantis and Lemuria!

I decided to try something different today. I held my wand, but instead of the 3 crystals, I placed my Russian Astrophylite w/ Garnet sphere in front of me.

I’m sitting on the beach, looking out across the ocean when a man clothed in a deep red/purple outfit – like royalty – approaches me from the left. I look up and it is my guide Sir Edward. I comment that I haven’t seen him in a while. He smiles and says he’s always there – trying to guide me. But I’ve been on the stubborn side lately. I ask how? He says that I’ve been to concentrated in the ending – not the path and this is why I keep getting stuck. I comment that this has all changed and he agrees – that recently he has noticed a change in my attitude and that it is a good thing. He comments that he doesn’t have much to say to me – only wanted to take the chance to say hello and remind me that he is always there if I need him.

I’m admiring the view of the ocean. It’s such a beautiful site. I close my eyes and I can feel a strong white light surrounding me. It feel very energetic and loving all at the same time. The sound of a dolphin can be heard. I keep my eyes closed. The dolphin is very persistent. I open my eyes and there he is in the water – dancing about trying to get my attention. I know that he wants me to grab onto his fin. So I wade out and grab on.

We dive under and go down at such a high speed – I was surprised that I was able to hold on! Then we turned and shot up through the surface – then back down again. The jumping up and racing down continued for a bit – until I let go and went to the surface to catch my breath. The dolphin hits the surface and nudges me with its nose a few times. I pet it. He likes the attention. Then he turns to have me grab on again. Before I grab his fin – I take a big breath. Down we go…..

My eyes are open and I’m looking through the green/blue water at the fish and plants. It is all so lovely – so calming. We go down in a cave and pop up through the surface. I recognize it immediately – or so I thought. Atlantis. The dolphin starts to talk – a lot. I take a better look around and I see that it’s not Atlantis – but Lemuria. I’m shocked. The dolphin says something else and then leaves.

Now I’m confused. It is all white like Atlantis. But I notice as I’m stepping on the white pavement, that it lights up under my feet. Reminded me of the old disco floors:) But when I take my foot off, the light goes out. I move over to a corner and when I do – I am engulfed in a very intense light. At that moment I ask for help – to release the obstacles, open the doors of my gifts, I’m ready – I will handle al of it. My body feels like it is on fire. As quickly as it arrived – it disappeared. I look down and in the midst of all the white stands a four leaf clover – not the plant – but made out of stone, out of Jade.

I bend down to feel the clover and I hear the words ‘Have Faith”. Then I wake up.

For some reason I have arthritis in my left hand today. After I released the wand – my hand didn’t hurt for a good 5 minutes – until I thought that it didn’t hurt:)

Lemuria – for some reason being part of that lost civilization has never entered my mind. I don’t know why. If I had to pick a place that I was sure I was part of, it would be ancient Egypt. But I couldn’t tell you when or who I was. There has to be some connection to my great interest in Egypt – to a point that I major in Archeology on college (before changing to accounting so that I could earn a living). But I’ve never been overly interested in dolphins – which are connected to Lemuria. I mean I love them, but I’m not so interested that I collect dolphin items like some people I know.

I’ll have to try to look into Lemuria more – see how it is connected to Atlantis. Some say that they existed at the same time, while others say Lemuria came first.

Another interesting nugget into my soul’s make-up!

Until later…

Crystal Sunshine!

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