Atlantis and a Time Capsule!

Atlantis and a Time Capsule!

I’ve had a few people email me and post here in the blog about Atlantis and where it’s located. The true location is obviously still unknown. But there are theories to where the lost continent lies. Here’s a list of the most popular:

*Middle of the Atlantic ocean by the Azores Islands. Some believe that the islands are actually the mountain tops of the lost continent.
*Thera/Santorini – island off the coast of Greece
*Island of Bimini
*Bottom of the south China sea
*Off the coast of Cadiz, Spain

I’m honestly not sure which is the location. I need to mediate on it some as most of my focus has been with the healing techniques. I have learned that as a healer/high priestess I combined the methods of crystals, flower essences, color therapy and sound. We didn’t heal the physical body – per say – what we did was to heal the etheric body (as well as the astral, mental and higher energetic levels) by looking at a person’s Akashic records. The illness one has does not have to originate in the present – it could be the result of a past life that still lingers. So we find out what the illness was/is and heal it. Once the etheric body is healed, then the physical body will heal. I’m excited to learn as much as I can about the healing methods so that I can teach others how to use them! Somewhere way down the road I know that I want to conduct healing workshops.

I’ve been told that there are people out there who are looking for the Atlantis time capsule that holds the record crystals. They think they may have found the resting place between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Hate to tell them this – but no matter where they look they will not find it. Why? Does it not exist? Sure – it exists. But the counsel that placed it there also surrounded it by a force field to make it invisible to the human eye. They need the reincarnated souls of the Atlantean who put it there. Plus they need them to open it and to be able to read the record crystals. The counsel was brilliant in that the capsule knows who the reincarnated souls are and once the words – in unison – are spoken, the capsule will open. I’ll be interested to see what happens once the capsule is open. Written history as we know it will be rewritten. One who holds the capsule and the records will have access to information that can either help the world – or harm it. All depends who gets their hands on it first. Will this happen during my lifetime? Yep – as in this life. I know because I’ll be there:)

My niece was released from Dublin hospital. She’s not healthy – but she was okay enough to keep down food and water – so they let her go. The family should be back in the states Wednesday night!

My back has been driving me crazy today. Not crazy as in hurting. But crazy because it feels like someone is running their tongue up my spine. I’m sitting here minding my own business and than BAM it hits me. A very strange feeling!

I hope everyone in the states had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. I had my mother and a few friends over for a cook out and it was a smashing success!

Until tomorrow…

Crystals and Sunshine!

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