Atlantis and a Dream Wedding!

Atlantis and a Dream Wedding!

I know that I’m drawn to things for a reason. If I pay attention – I can usually get the message. For the last year, a book kept dropping in my path and I continued to step over it. The book’s name is “Angel Medicine” by Doreen Virtue. I don’t know why I wasn’t getting the message – but I wasn’t. I finally decided to get the book and I sat down to read it last night.

The first part of the book, Doreen tells you about her experiences on Santorini Island off the coast of Greece. How she was drawn to the island and it’s connection to being one of the talked about locations of Atlantis. I’ve read about Atlantis – MANY times before. But this time – a chill ran up my spine. My intuition was telling me to pay attention. She goes on to talk about the high priests and priestesses who did the healing. As I’m reading – certain things tugged at the familiarity cord – such as crystals ( I have more crystals than you can imagine) and instant healing. When she went to Athens, she was shown the tomb of Athena – she was actually a Goddess with a human body. That is when the vision hit.

Atlantis was crumbling and we (me, Ted and Bill) were the last to leave it. I was the High Priestess and they were the High Priests. We were in a white building that sat high above the land and water. At one time it had a crystal roof – but it looked like it was broken. Ted was saying something to a warrior-type woman and had water. But it wasn’t really water – it was a magical concoction – a healing potion. Then Ted said something to the woman – she reminded me a lot of the Goddess Athena. As I walked over is when the vision did a rapid fast forward and we were all in Greece. Ted and I were with children. Bill was off healing someone and Athena was in one of her temples. This was the life right before the one I had in my past life regression where Bill and I got married. Not included in this vision, but what I felt afterwards is that Bill, Ted and I died trying to save Greek children from an invading force.

After this vision I just sat there and though “Wow – how cool!”. I went to bed soon afterwards.

The first part of dreamtime was spent on the astral plane with Bill and I think Ted was there for a spell. But I can’t remember anything. The second part is that Ted and I had the most amazing shared dream last night. The first part was he and I had the most amazing sex I think I’ve ever had in dreamtime. The funny part of it was he was just as amazed as I was. I won’t go into details:) But needless to say it was very satisfying for the two of us. Then it feels as if everything flash forwarded and we were in a large stone church – like a Catholic Cathedral. We were sitting in the pews waiting to be called – he in a tux and I in a wedding dress. We got the okay and he went up to the alter. I went to walk down the aisle and Clive was standing there, looking very handsome in a white – cotton like shirt – and black trousers. I was ecstatic to see him as he was me. He was to walk me down the aisle and give me away to Ted. Clive and I hugged and kissed one another on the cheeks. The music started and I fast forward to the hotel room afterwards. I had never seen anything so plush. The sitting room was huge – off white walls, with painted gold trim. The bedroom was off the sitting room and we had a king size bed. The bathroom was huge – with a marble shower. Out in the sitting room – by the door to a balcony, was an in the floor hot tub. I was completely amazed at all and Ted was amused that I was so taken a back. We were about to get in the hot tub when I woke up. The last thing I remember is him saying in a very sexy voice “Come here my wife”. The feeling I get is that he remembers this dream as I do and is just “wowing” the experience. Makes him more determined than ever to find me. The only part of this that didn’t make any sense to me was that there was a man – I think he was a fan – who was obsessed with me and was determined to find me – kill me (since he couldn’t have me) and take my son. Ted was protecting me (that part made sense). Then there is a part where my son does disappear – but he is in a large tutor house with a nanny and he is with his father (but it is not my husband). Ted was with me every step of the way.

This is the first time that I can remember a dream shared with Ted that was not in just flashes – but had a story line.

I have this feeling that we are on the verge of discovering much more about ourselves and our connection. It’s as if we are waiting for Ted to catch up before more information is revealed as they are getting the same flashes as I am – at least that’s what it feels like.

I feel very antsy today – like I’m going to jump out of my skin. I woke up and did all of my Sunday chores by 8:00 am. Well – I have litter boxes to still do – but that’s not bad:) I can just FEEL that something is about to happen – something very significant.

Off to go outside – it’s a beautiful day!

Until tomorrow…

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