Atlantis + Amazing Healing = One Powerful Session!

Atlantis + Amazing Healing = One Powerful Session!

Cindy and I decided to add an extra meditation session this week and wow – what a session! I sat with my healing wand and my beautiful piece of Ohio Celestite (helps one to connect to their Higher Self and live in the here and now) and three crystals. Man – I’m trembling – still. Usually only happens when something powerful hits me.

I asked to be taken to my son since he is sick (I forced myself to make a doctor’s appointment at the insistence of hubby) as I’ve been giving him energy treatments since yesterday. I saw him in school and sent white light into him. I could see him smile and tell someone that his mommy just gave him energy. Then he says – just like my angels and guides. Smart boy I have there 🙂

I then ask to be shown what makes me stand out – what is so special about my healing path that I’ve been pushed to travel in this direction? I’m in the clouds and Archangel Raphael shows up. He’s heavenly (of course) but he’s also very — well— beautiful. I’ve never really looked at him before – although I sense him every morning as I walk. He had a golden hue to him. Looked very regal, yet down to earth. Hard to describe. I asked if he was there to help me? He replies – yes- if it is healing I want to know about- he is the one.

So I ask him – what is it about me? He takes my hand and we emerge into a yard. Nice green grass, a wooden swing set with a tower and slide. Very upper middle-class, suburb living. I see a black and white dog lying on his side – his fur reminds me of a bunch of smalls curls. Anyways – I ask what is wrong with him? The dog senses me and lifts his head – he whines. I lightly rub down the side of his body and I could sense something with my hands. I look over at Raphael and he nods his head. I close my eyes and place my hands on the dog. I’m asking for all the white light I can muster for this little pooch. When I’m done I remove my hands from his body. A woman calls his name – Scruff – and he gets up and races off to her. She stands there with her mouth open. Raphael mentions that he hasn’t had any pep in months – they were on their way to the vets to put him down. Now he will stay on the earthly plane longer.

I’m thinking to myself – I have this gift for animals? What about people?

Raphael takes my hand and we are in a lower income apartment. A girl – probably around 5 with dark hair and eyes, and a light blue dress lies on a tattered couch watching a fuzzy TV. I ask what’s wrong? Raphael mentions that her white blood cells are eating away at her red cells. I mention Leukemia? He nods. Is she getting help? No he says – they’ve gone as far as they can. The gov’t won’t pay for anything else – budget cuts. She’s just waiting to die. I glance over at the mother and she has tears just flowing, she looks so tired. She’s looking around to try to feed her girl something and the cupboards are bare. I place my hand on her shoulder and she pulls herself together.

I go back to the girl and put my hands on her. Then and there – I don’t know why it hit me – but I need to infuse white AND green light into the person/animal – not just white. I instinctive know that Raphael sent green light (to mingle with my white) into the dog. So I focus and send both lights into the girl. The little girl tells her mom that she has two angels right with her. I smile and continue to send light. The hair stood up on my body as I did this – the combo of lights was very-very powerful. Color returned to her face and she smiled. She got off the couch and went and hugged her mom. Needless to say – mom was so shocked that she didn’t know what to do. The girl kept saying the angels are here. And mom is just saying thank you – over and over again. The spoke in Spanish and I understood them – and I don’t know any Spanish except what I picked up on Sesame Street as a kid (I can count to ten)!

Raphael says all I have to do is focus and relax to allow the energy to pass through me.

Boy – this session is bring tears to my eyes as I type it.

I ask to be taken back to my son. We go – and I send both white and green light into him. He smiles – a big smile. And says ….ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Next thing I know we are in that castle/house and I’m in my office. He is showing me a dosage bottle. He says that I have to make these. That the combination is what I used to do in Atlantis. I asked where should I start? He smiles and says – one for self-confidence – and then give it to myself. He kisses me on the forehead and tells me to go back and get to work.

I wake up.

Pretty cool – huh? At least I now know what sets me apart. I am capable of instant healing and I’m to do the dosage bottles like Atlantis. I need another 12 hours in my day!

To work I go!

Until tomorrow….

Crystal Sunshine!

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