Astral Travel, Dreams, Odds And Ends!

Astral Travel, Dreams, Odds And Ends!

Pillow Talk on The L Word went very well last night. If you want to join me next week for this free chat about sex, here’s the URL where anyone can sign up no matter where you live: . It starts at 8:00 pm EST in the Planet. I’m Alison Ashby:)

At Whispers Media we’re also in talks with a few big names — so fingers crossed for me:)

Writing I’m trying to do when time permits. But man, I can’t get over how busy I am. I’m not complaining mind you — not at all – I like being busy as it means I’m helping someone, somewhere…I just need to get a system down. Or better yet, clean my office and get organized:) Now if I could do that and survive on less sleep….

But I love my sleep. That’s when I appear to be the most active, at least astral wise. Last night as I snoozing friend Dave shows up and I can hear him say take my hand. No matter how many times I astral travel, that drop in my tummy when my astral body separate from my physical body is hard to get used to. This were really fuzzy when I separated…so I had to yell to make things clear up – and they did. He told me that he had to show me something. In a blink we are wherever Bill is staying right now. There are papers everywhere. He looks to be making notes — he’s doing a lot of reading — looking into and jotting things into a light brown book. I asked Dave why did he bring me here? Before he could answer, my brain wasn’t making any memories….so I have no clue.

I can remember being in a hotel room that had two double beds. I’m working on my computer and the door opens. This woman comes in and asks what am I doing here? I reply that he told me to sleep in here tonight. She leaves the door a jar (my instant feel was for safety reasons like she was afraid of me) and I looked over at the beds and it was now one queen instead of two doubles. She said no way — and I’m trying to tell her that there were two doubles there. She storms out. I can remember checking my email. And no, I have no clue who “he” is.

Will rolls over and says – mornin` darlin. Dogs….he had a couple of dogs too. It’s strange as it feels like we kept jumping locations: I can see trees with the leaves changing – reminded me of North Carolina or Virginia — then out on the west coast on the beach — then in NYC walking in Central Park. I wonder, since he found me and not the other way around, will he recognize me when we meet? Or will it be that feeling that I’m familiar but he can’t place me? Or maybe that once he meets me he cannot stop thinking of me, but he doesn’t know why.

Somebody asked me once if I ever thought it was a curse that I know what I know and I feel what I feel about people that I have no physical contact with. Had they asked me back in 2002 or even 2004 — I would have said yes. But as time goes on, I have realized that there is no curse to this, but a huge blessing to know that these are the souls who are with me lifetime after lifetime – through the good times and bad — the eternal love and friendship we feel for one another is thicker than blood, is thicker than anything you can imagine — in fact, it’s so thick that it draws us together in every life no matter if we go willingly or fight and scream all the way. And to me — that is a comfort and I know that I am blessed.

We’re all blessed in this same way – we all have souls that we are eternally connected to throughout time. But you have to be open to that possibility and then once you feel it – sense that connection, you must embrace it without obsessing over it — while not running away from it and thinking that you’re nuts. A tall order I know.

There’s just so much out there that our human minds cannot or will not comprehend. I wish there was a way to open up the mind to allow the soul memories to flow through without a filter or a detour. Maybe some day I’ll figure that out.

Until that time I have to remember not to overuse the powdered garlic when I make dinner. Oh — it was God awful tonight and I’m a good cook. 2nd cooking mistake I’ve made in 13 years, not too shabby of a record. I had so much garlic in there that it gave me a headache and it was way over the top — and trust me – I’m a garlic fiend. If I say it’s too much….then it’s out of control – LOL! All my cats turned it down, but my snoop dog Indy Jones didn’t. The only thing he and Brodie (the other dog) turn down is Broccoli:)

I need to get back to script writing…….talk to you later!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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