Astral Travel, Astral Sex And Gabreael's Radio Show!

Astral Travel, Astral Sex And Gabreael's Radio Show!

I just finished my radio show a bit ago with Gabreael and I had a blast. I think my energy and Dave had too good of a time too cause her equipment keep fouling up. Of course it hasn’t happen to her in this way before (although she has done it to other people when she was their guest) — we have no idea yet if the show was able to get taped or not. If not, then I’ll go back:) But we ran out of time and there were people asking questions via Yahoo chat – so it was cool.

To listen to the show (if it got taped correctly) go to her archives at:

You know me, I love to chat about astral travel and of course – astral sex:) Hopefully I was entertaining and I hope helpful to those who were listening.

I am one tired puppy – so I’ll be heading to bed now for another night of interesting dream travel/visits!

Sweet dreams!

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 🙂

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