Astral Sex, Telepathic Sex and Allie in LA!

Astral Sex, Telepathic Sex and Allie in LA!

Telepathic sex is not something that should be done while driving. I repeat – don’t do it while driving! No, I didn’t connect telepathically with anyone while I was in a car. But I got an email from someone who did. They got a speeding ticket for going 20 mph over the speed limit. They were lucky. They could have been in an accident. While telepathic sex can be done anytime, anywhere – you shouldn’t do it while operating a moving vehicle or operating machinery. Common sense needs to prevail – please be safe.

Will be doing readings/OBE sex consultations while I’m in LA on March 11th. Email me for more information and/or to set up an appointment, Spaces are limited. 1st come 1st serve. I haven’t been to LA in six years, no idea when I’ll be getting back out there.

Astral sex is a hot topic these days. For some reason it seems to be “cool” to engage in energy sex. Now while I would agree it’s absolutely fabo to astral travel and to engage in astral sex, it still comes with some risks. It’s not something to do just to try it. Kind of like a spirit board. While it seems like a blast to open a portal to the other side and talk to the deceased it does have it’s risks.

What kind of risks you ask? When your astral body leaves your physical body and travels through the dimensional layers, you can pick up negative residue. Yes, you can also pick up positive residue, but if you’re a new astral traveler, the negative will be attracted to you – therefore it being easier to latch on to you. If you bring this back with you, you’ll find that your health will decline (you’ll get sick more often, very tired, no energy, etc..) and your mood will certainly will be sour. Can you get rid of it – yes you can. Burn frankincense incense and wear amethyst until you feel better. The frankincense doesn’t have to burn continuously, but often until you feel better.

Negative energy has a low vibrational feel — it’s more basic, animalistic and strong. Positive energy is advanced, layered, light and strong. Sexual vibes can be contained within both positive and negative energy.

Now the more you read and you practice astral travel and I would assume, have astral sex – you’ll be able to sense and be aware of what energy you should be with and what energy you should stay away from. Having a water fountain in the same room where you are practicing astral sex will provide you with protection as you travel.

I’ll talk about other astral risks in future posts. Like anything in life, you have to take protective measures.

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