Astral Sex, Spiked Energy and A Vastness Of White!

Astral Sex, Spiked Energy and A Vastness Of White!

Astral sex was not on my mind – but a get away from my stressful day was. I was floating about an astral layer, enjoying the peacefulness, when I felt a buzz. Not a sound – no words spoken – just a high frequency buzz. I turned around and saw an outline of a man with mostly blue energy. I couldn’t see his face really – don’t think he had one – but intuitively knew it as Bill. His arm reached out to me – and it was like I was on some warped high as the arm stretched and contorted so odd, like it was a limp piece of taffy in a taffy puller. I held out my hand to grab him – but my hand didn’t really look like a hand either – but a large baseball mitt. I noticed my energy pulsed with violet and orange.

As he pulled me to him, parts of his energy body spiked out towards me – for lack of a better way to describe it, they reminded me of energy hard ons. One spike shot out from his third eye, the other his throat and lastly his sacral chakra (2 in below where the belly button would be). When the energy spikes hit my body they caused a energetic ripple effect from the point of contact, through out my body. The feel was energizing, but dare I say it tickled too? I have no idea how it would tickle, but it did.

Instead of giving me an orgasm right off (the norm) somehow the energy booted me from being with Bill into a vastness of white. I had no idea where I was – but all I could see was white – period. My energy body was vibrating at an insane rate of speed. I admit – I was a bit freaked with all of this – I wanted to go back to my body. So I did.

I slammed back into my body pretty hard. My physical body was trembling pretty fast like my energy body was and on top of it all, I was horny as hell. I knew I couldn’t just go to bed and fall asleep. It took 15 min for my physical body to chill out enough so that I could take care of the horny problem. That problem took care of itself in record time – thanks to my energy body being so ramped up.

What an experience. I tell ya what – out of the three methods, astral sex may produce the most intense orgasm, but it’s also the weirdest.

Crystal Sunshine!
Allie 😉

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