Astral Sex, OBE Sex and Astral Seperation!

Astral Sex, OBE Sex and Astral Seperation!

Astral sex itself is a piece of cake – seriously. You’re pure energy. Your partner (s) are also pure energy. You can have astral sex like you have sex in the physical realm. Or you can simply “walk into” one another and merge into one. Of course a combination is also plausible:)

The trick is separating the astral/energy body from the physical body. Once you get that – the rest is easy.

Four Basic Astral Separation Methods

To separate using any of these methods, you will have to imagine that an exact double of you (right down to your underwear if you have any on) separates from your body. So there will be a energy you that is the exact double of the physical you.

You will probably have to experiment to discover which method works best. All the methods take place after you recognize that the vibrational state is in full swing.

1. Floating Out: Focus in on the sensation of floating and allow your astral body to drift up and away from your physical body.

2. Sit Up: Focus in on your astral body sitting up and moving out of your physical body.

3. Rolling Out: Out of all the methods, this one is most successfully used. Simply have your astral body do a sideways roll out of your physical body.

4. Climbing Out: Imagine that there is a large and heavy rope (the kind you would have climbed in gym class) hanging down from the ceiling. With your astral energy hands, grab onto that rope and climb upwards – this pulls your astral body from your physical body.

The second trick of course is remembering the experience. I covered astral/dream recall. Take a look 🙂

With astral travel you have to keep practicing!  It takes awhile. So try not to get too discouraged too soon.

Happy OBE’ing!
Allie 🙂

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